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Deca Side Effects


my friend was taking 400 mg deca in a cycle for 3 weeks and appear to be having side effects.

fatigue, bloat, moderate deca dick, low libido. how long are these side effects likely to remain?


why would you run deca alone? you need to run it, with a low dose of test e or pro. it will help with some of the sides, you're experiencing.


I am running it with 500mg sustanon, and 1/2 mg arimidex OOD


All of those side effect are from prolactin.

OP The side effects may be completely gone by the end of the month (just a very rough estimate) or they may linger for a long time if the prolactin doesnt lower on its own. Your options are cabergoline from an online pharmacy. Another option is Pramipexole.


Deca side effects can be long term for a very small number of guys. I think that deca only cycles dangerous. Take the advice above and add some T, include adex then do a very careful PCT including 0.5mg adex per week which should be used for a few weeks past PCT.

I have one guy I worked with who did one cycle, deca only, and never recovered and could not reset with hCG etc. Some have brittle HPTAs. Deca only is one way to find out.


Hes ALREADY using the adex, for god knows what reason.

Deca does aromatize, but barely, insignificant.

Hes likely killing his estrogen and being racked by prolactin as well.

KSman, why would deca only be more dangerous specifically than including that same dose of deca in a proper cycle with test ? There would obviously be more side effects from the lack of test, but given that prolactin was controlled correctly... would the suppression not be the same ?


It may help you that I have a brittle "HPTA".

I took finasteride at 22, and it has caused lots of issues, including very low testosterone. I have been on HRT for a year before starting any cycle.

The finasteride has caused all the problems i currently have, just the DECA has made them worse


The adex is prescribed. And as i said, this isn't a DECA only cycle. My 500mg sustanon is on top of HRT of reandron 10000mg every 10 weeks

I have hormonal problems before embarking on any cycles and my dr prescribed my arimidex for clinically high e2. BEfore HRT, my total testosterone was 1.9 on our units (8-30 normal range).

My prior cycle was a very short 4 week 250mg Sustanon only 10 weeks before this cycle.

My reason for doing it was a medical experiment - some ex-finasteride users reported supra-physiological doses of testosterone were needed to fix their issues. It didn't really work for me, although did cure ED, and improve fatigue. My headaches, brain fog remained.


Prolactin. Your levels must be fantastically high.

You have already elevated your estrogen, killing your test production, its a textbook fit for ALL of your symptoms.

DHT blocks the effects of estrogen, your usage of Fina elevated your estrogen, which lowered your test production. Its a bullshit drug, keep your hair, grow some tits.

Huge doses of test only sometimes help because the test produces DHT and the usage of the on cycle AI controls the estrogen, with a proper PCT its basically a HPTA reset, but not a great way to do so.

Its like throwing a huge amount of gasoline on a fire, throw enough and it will smother it, mess it up and it makes things worse. Your playing with an already out of whack HPTA.

You need a Dopamine agonist, likely more AI, and a PROPER PCT, nothing else is likely to fix you and using Deca was literally the worse thing you could do.

lucky for you, all of those things can be had as research chemicals and for pretty cheap. Your going to need to buy about 3 drugs, and your going to need to drop that deca asap, keep the test.

If your not sure what Im talking about above your going to have to PM me.


I'm 50 and deca has the same effect on me. Did not use to. I am using 200mgs with 600 test this cycle, with bromo every day to see if this will counter sexual sides. Would prami be better? I have been seeing this option alot lately. I tried to use Eq last time instesd of deca,but RBC's went to high. I love deca, but thought about switching to primobolan in the future if options don't work.



11 days after discontinuing deca, bloat has improved, trainig is now good again, LBM is increasing again, brain fog and lethary is better (not great).

I see my endo in 15 days - will ask him to test prolactin/progesterone and prescribe if its still high at that point. He doesn't know about this cycle, so I have to keep it quiet.


Why does deca do this for some? Great mystery. My concern is that these non-testosterone anabolic steroids are altering gene expression in the cells. Steroid hormones are transported to the nuclei. The actions can be to increase expression of some genes and inhibition of expression of others. 5-alpha reductase drugs are also steroid chemicals that have effects on gene expression; some of which may be unwanted effects. Some of these adverse effects seem to be flipping a switch with permanent effects. Non-bioidentical hormones all have such risks.

Note that progestins, fake progesterone, are responsible for the increased risk of blood clots and heart attacks/strokes with birth control pills and non-bioidentical female HRT. Progestins address the problem of the low oral bio-availability of progesterone. Progestins are not doing something in the nucleus that progesterone does do. It is this problem that caused the higher death rates for heart problems with the large female HRT study. When big pharma found out that their progestins were creating increased heart attacks, they shifted the story to blame "HRT" for the problem, thus obscuring their role in creating this problem. The new stories and press were completely manipulated and mislead. Now doctors think that female "HRT" is dangerous, and do not understand how they can do HRT with real progesterone.

You can do labs on your own, out of pocket, at LEF.org. The lab work is on sale now [for members].


it's better now


KSMAN, What would be the safest option for sexual sides from the deca, bromo[which I am taking], caber, or prami. I love deca and can tolorate it well at 50yrs old except for this side. Thanks


Did something very silly. Had massive bender. First time I drunk on the cycle. Have had perky, sore nipples for 3 days. UPped the arimidex dose.

Is this common to occur after a drinking bender?


You know what you sound like you need?

Am education, 30 more IQ points and a case worker!

Seriously man, what the fuck is wrong with you...?


Sorry for the derail, but are tren, deca, 19-nors actually progestins? I saw a study on a forum somewhere that showed tren had like 1/70th of the agonism of test at prolactin receptors. Has anyone ever had a blood test that showed high prolactin or low progesterone? Does prolactin even have an effect in breast tissue?

I think maybe the 19-nor prolactin thing is one explanation for a lot of effects. Anavar causes low libido and low estrogen causes memory fogginess.

So, have there been any blood tests proving the prolactin thing? And could high prolactin cause the problems people describe?


Any androgen can cause prolactin elevation, even test.

Tren elevates prolactin, perhaps not in the same way as deca, but Im quite sure it does in some way for many users.


Yes it was silly. It is the only time I drank on the now 9 week cycle. Friend I haven't seen for ages rocked up from interstate...One thing led to anotehr. The "perky nipples" are receding so I think I'm in the clear.

I'm suprised this could happen on arimidex in any event. Learnt something for the future.


Can somebody explain why drinking on cycle was so bad, what effects does alcohol have on hormones/muscle recovery?