Deca Question

I’m about to begin my next cycle and have a question.

My next cycle will consist of:

Test E @ 750mg a week for 12 weeks
Deca @ 400mg a week for 12 weeks

My question is concerning the Deca. I have enough to take 500 a week. Would this be a waste? Should I stick with 400mg?

I have nolvadex on hand, but do I need to take the entire cycle or just have it in case?

I’d go ahead and bump it up to 500mgs. The extra 100mgs can only help you grow. Personally, I’d keep the Nolva on hand and just use it if I needed to.

Procede with caution. The first two times I ran Deca I ran it at 300mg’s a week alongside 500mg’s of weekly Test Cypionate. This time I went with Test C 750mg/W and Deca 450mg/W. I am experiencing more testicular shrinkage than ever before; even worse libido is much more in line with the classic deca dick scenario.

I also take 25-50mg’s of Proviron ED and still there is more noticeable negatives effects. Admittedly, I’m also taking the SSRI Lexapro which has the side-effect of diminishing libido. Further, I had never been one to subscribe to the Deca Dick myth. But all factors now combine for me to give the thought some credence.

Certainly, some guys can and have run 600mg’s a week with no preceiveable libido loss’. Other run 200-300mg’s a week and hit a stone cold dead stop in sex drive regardless of Test used.

Results have been good at my doses which are virtually the same as yours, despite to bouts of flu during my first 8 weeks strength is up noticeably and weight is up a bit [despite moderate weightloss during the flu bouts].

Deca truly can be a double edged sword.

I am running 1gram of test E and 600 deca.

I really think that, in order to avoid the deca dick, deca should not exceed 60% of the test.

That’s just my opinion.

I agree and use the same ratio 5/3

Your mileage may vary, but that is a great cycle IMO.

I know a lot of people on the net don’t like deca, but everyone I know personally loves it.

750 E and 400-500 deca sounds great. Honestly I doubt its going to make that big of a difference. Your test to deca ration seems fine either way.

I’d go with 500 if its an option

40-50 mg’s dbol ed for the first few weeks and you have one of the best cycles I have ever seen anyone use. The test and deca alone are geat though.