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Deca Question with TRT

I’m starting my second 10 week cycle through my TRT doctor of Deca, and need some advice. The prescription will be delivered directly to me, I’ll receive two 1,000 mg bottles. I have the option to self administer at home, or I can bring the bottles to them and they will administer 200 mg every week (the prescription is for 200/wk).

Would it be better to pin myself at home at a higher dose? I’m currently on 260 mg/wk Cypionate which will remain the same. Would doubling the dose for 5 weeks give me better results?

Noticed good strength gains and gained approx. 5 lbs from the last 10 week cycle.

Take it as prescribed. 200mg/w is a big dose for therapeutic deca. You should be plenty happy with that. My doc gave me half that for 20 weeks and it was great.

What did you have that the Doc prescribed Deca for? How do i get it or catch it?

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Joint pain…I’ve commented on some other threads about this and it seems the general consensus is that my doc is fairly liberal.

I guess I would agree with that, but I feel like they’ve been conservative is some ways too. I started TRT in April with free test of roughly 5…stared me out on 150 mg/wk and have slowly worked my way up to 260, which feels really good!

not conservative, that’s normal/high normal. It took me over a year to get to 140mg/wk, THATS conservative (and far too conservative). Where does 260mg/wk get you too? If you’d like to give me the name of you’re doc email me lol (this is a joke), my joints and muscles have been hurting real bad. I first gotta get my current health issues sorted out (seems like I might have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)


unprotected sex, share dirty needles to inject drugs, get a botched blood transfusion (this is a joke, but deca is used for AIDS related myopathy @ around 200mg/wk (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on severity of the wasting)

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260 gets me to about 900 TT and 15 FT (I have high SHBG)

My clinic will prescribe Deca too. I gave it a try for about (5) weeks but it wrecked my libido. I also read up on the issues it causes with the heart long term and decided it wasn’t for me. I was surprised how easy it was to get considering it really has no place in a TRT regimen.

See this is a perfect example of why so many of the answers to newer guys is “it depends on the individual”. You had libido issues on therapeutic deca. I had the exact opposite response. Same compound, different results in different guys.

Yeah I had the opposite reaction too…libido goes up to an annoying level, and luckily zero signs of “deca dick”

Yeah I was sorely disappointed too. I saw nice quality muscle gains at weeks 4/5 and I don’t use AAS outside of the test that’s prescribed to me. I saw it as a nice legal way for a boost albeit I still think it has repercussions to your health long term. Anyway, nothing is worth the ED I experienced.

The worst (potentially) long term sides from deca will probably turn out to be cardiac related, there appears to be a unique element of heightened cardiotoxicity with nand compared to test and many other AAS. I give this evidence based on one study in which at ridiculous doses nand killed off endothelial cells at 11x lower of a concentration than it took testosterone to do the same. Secondly would be the psychiatric side effects, I will update soon as to why however I’m taking a nap now.


It’s funny because I used anavar and it didn’t budge my lipids much. TRT itself has made my cholesterol, which was previously very good, not quite as good. But oddly the var didn’t mess with liver or cholesterol. I was just lucky I guess.

Are you sure it is TRT?

My cholesterol is a little low actually, according to MertDawg

Yep. Cholesterol was perfect for my whole life until I started trt. It’s more out of whack now than when I was fat and didn’t exercise. I mean, it’s still not bad, but it isn’t as good as it was pre trt.

Tis all individual. Anavar in studies on HIV+ patients has a marked negative effect on the lipid profile at 20mg/day (less wasn’t studied, however the effect got worse as the dose increased)

Received the RX today, guess I’ll stick with 200 deca per week along with 260 Cypionate.

Did labs today and doc said we would increase test to 290/wk if I wasn’t up in the mid range for CFT.