Deca, Progesterone, Etc.

Hey folks, I’ve been hearing great things about what Deca can do for one’s joints, and I’m starting to experience a little shoulder and knee pain - bad joints run in my family, and while I’m not using any anabolics at the moment, I’m starting to get concerned about wearing the joints out with the iron I’m throwing around, and I’m considering some preventative maintenance.

At first, I tossed the idea of some Deca around, but I’m concerned about the systemic effecs of that strong of a progestin. Then I considered using winnie with it, buuuut, I really don’t need it, I’m making plenty good gains without it and I believe I’ll be able to achieve my size and strength goals WITHOUT it, so I’d rather not use Winstrol or even good 'ol vitamin T. That being said, I’d like to help the joints out, and it dawned on me that they make progesterone CREAM for women in menopause, and I was wondering if SMALL ammounts applied directly to joints in conjunction with either anti-estrogens or a mix of Alpha Male and resveratrol would be a good way to gain some of the joint health benefits of Deca without overly systemic absorbtion of P.

Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Would there be too much of an overall increase in my P levels to make it worthwhile?

Hey Dude,
In my experience I found that Deca was good for the joints but not that great and I found that I didnt like some of the side effects.
For me I seemed to get a weird subcutaneous fat layer, probably associated with the progestin like effects… cant really prove it tho…
I would be careful with winny as it seems to be hard on some guys joints.

Personally I think your best bet is IGF or GH… if you are in the US I would buy a wack of IGF as it is still legal and store it as it is supposedly (I hate to talk without experience but I havent done enough IGF to know for sure yet) really good on the joints for repair etc… both GH and IGF are very good for the fat burning, repair and recovery properties and quite safe in reasonable doses.

Thats my two cents bro… good luck.

I ran a short, low dose nandrolone phenylpropionate cycle for a nagging shoulder injury recently to the tune of 75mg E3D for 4 weeks with a 3 week test taper starting 4 days after the last shot.(I get terrible headaches if I run test with deca, go figure). This worked wonders for me and even retained a few pounds LBM. No progestin sides, recovery was a breeze and my shoulder feels great! Hope this helps.

whoah, IGF-1 is LEGAL!? where’s the best place to get it? Should I only bother with an injectable? or is it ok in sublingual spray or pill form?

I really had no I idea I could even GET IGF… I was considering going to Mexico for some HGH, but sheesh, why bother?

thanks for the replies guys, it’s really good to hear what’s working for others!

Ok, so I’m coming to the conclusion that IGF-1 is nigh on impossible to come by, DESPITE it supposedly being LEGAL, unless we’re talking homepoathic sublingual sprays which from what I’ve been able to find out, basically do fuck-all.

SO, that leaves me searching for an injectable IGF-1, which I haven’t been able to find except from one sketchball looking company that only accepts wire transfers. RIGHT.

SO, back to the original question at hand: if it’s the progestins in Decca that help joints, wouldn’t progesterone applied directly to the joints in conjuntion with a vitex containing supp help things? If not, I guess I’ll have to head south of the border…

Seconded, where is the IGF? I get it in NOW brand immune advantage but not in doses that are threpeutic for joints, I would like to stock up.