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Deca, Progesterone, Clomid...

I would like to know if Clomid can block the extra Progesterone you get when using Deca.

If not, what can block the progesterone (besides winstrol), or what can prevent the conversion to progesterone??


I don’t think deca actually converts to progesterone. It just binds to progesterone receptors and has progesterone-like effects. Most guys only use 400mg per week because more will make your bizkut limp (erectile dysfunction). And at that dose, I’ve never heard of any progesterone induced gyno.

Clomid will do abosolutly nothing to block the progestogentic side effects of deca. From what I know, only winstrol will. If you keep the dosage below 400mg/week, it might not be an issue anyway. Starting in early Feb. I am going to try a little experiment that I’m sure some of you will be intersted in. I will be doing 500mg of deca/week and 50-75mg(depending upon what I can get from my source) of oral winny/day for 8 weeks. Test gives me horrible acne, so I will only be using 100mg/week of test cyp just to hopefully replace my natural test production. Basically I am trying to do a cycle that has minimal androgenic side effects but will not give me “limp dick syndrom”. If anybody has any other suggestions before I start this, please let me know. Over and out.