Deca / Pramipexole / Prolactin?

after having failed with NPP (30mg/daily) a while ago, due to inability to orgasm, i figured i give deca a try. started at 3x80mg, in addition to daily TRT Tprop 30mg + 1200HCG/week. no AI.
by day 8/9 I got hit with pretty bad depression (i never have depression normally).
after taking 0.25mg pramipexole, which I understand is the essentially very similar to cabergoline, expect with a short half life, the next day I felt simply amazing. all depression left, energy through the roof, libido high, gym workouts felt better then ever.
would this mean that all the deca side effects are due to high prolactin? or maybe there some more complex interactions we do not understand. I am taking p5p at 100mg daily and this did not do anything.
the problem is that pramipexole comes with its own side effects. some insomnia, ironically sleepiness, insane dreams, a bit of anxiety, which I am trying to mitigate by reducing the dose.
what would be another PED to try? I can’t run T higher then 240mg/week due to e2 sides (i don’t want AI). Deca seems to require supportive meds. Anavar made me feel like shit, revved up. proviron is useless for me since my SHBG is super low.

possibly/probably. Do you have blood tests to confirm elevated prolactin during symptoms, then reduced levels when resolved?

If NPP didn’t work, I couldn’t fathom a reason to try Deca instead.

Primo or Mast would be good additions, possibly DHB. I cannot bring myself to recommend tren, but it would fit the no aromatase activity profile… not sure how well your dick would work on Tren if Nandrolone didn’t work for you.


thanks, I think masteron is next on my list. Primo is on the expensive side.
i don’t have bloods, but definitely something to do next time. my sides from deca are different then NPP however what is weird. I had no depression/malaise on NPP just not able to finish sex.
here until I take the dopamine agonist i literally have absolutely no desire and 100% ED.

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Exactly. Both caused it for me and due to the ester, “Deca” was a longer recovery.


i think one of you guys said ( might be wrong) that you have deca dick on NPP but no nan. d.
but the mental sides are so much worse on deca then npp for me. on npp i felt ok. maybe there is some ugl differences i don’t know

IMO, EQ is the logical drug to run here. Mast or Primo are more expensive, and will do less for your physique compared to EQ. Some get anxiety with EQ (or at least it is reported commonly). I’d think mental impact would be less than NPP or Deca though. Also, your body will likely make a lot or red blood cells with EQ, which may be an issue. E2 impact from EQ seems individual. Some get lower E2 with it, but I don’t think that is universal. I’ve never heard of libido issues or ED with EQ (although I think it could happen if EQ drives BP up through higher RBCs).

But, I feel that higher test and the lowest possible dose of Adex (just enough to not get side effects from high Test) will give you better lipid values than using Test + an additional AAS.

thanks…maybe just titrate T slowly up while keeping an AI at hand is the way to go.
and with Tprop i can make quick adjustments without waiting weeks to settle the levels.
my RBC is already shit, but i think there is an upper limit, beyond most ppl don’t go.
on the other hand, i stopped deca but still taking pramipexole. this stuff makes me feel pretty awesome. at half the lowest dose, 0.125mg. my libido is insane, maybe too big. no anxiety + huge motication. sort of like dexedrine, but without most of the sides. (and no euphoria /rush either) deca on its own doesn’t seem to give anxiety either. not sure what the longer term implications are, but they appear on the safe side for a normal cycle duration. stuff is dirt cheap too.
it seems to be a pretty individual thing to find the proper combo. looking for slow ‘safe’ gains. will post some pics soon, but from my last checkin i made pretty good progress strength and mass wise.

my deca has worn off. close to 3 weeks. that way i calculated the duration is my intermittenly stopping pramipexole mid-way. symptoms came back within 24h max. 3 weeks in i stopped prami and had 0 symptoms.
prami ramps libido beyond what I like or my woman can deliver. 3x a day is beyond what my dick can deliver without pd5 inhibitors
it messes up and sleep and gives nightmares sometimes
definitely not a long term solution, short term might be ok but I have no more desire for deca. i think higher dose TRT, maybe low cycle, 300mg/week is my personal max. if you have to some use other drugs to manage a too high dose ancdrogens your body is definitely not designed to handle it, which can not be beneficial overall