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Deca or Trenbolone for Bulking?

I’m really confused between the two steroids, which is better for lean bulking with test e? Is it deca or trenbolone?

How many cycles have you run?

this is not a hard question.

First off, no steroids make you put on fat. So ANY steroid can be used for ‘lean bulking’. Some steroids come with water retention, but as soon as you come off the cycle, that water retention goes away. So it shouldn’t concern you.

If you want to gain weight, deca is the right choice. If you want to stay at your current weight, tren is the right choice.


And make sure you have your diet dialed in. I don’t care what you take if your not eating enough fuel, your results are gonna be sub par. Also your “lean bulk” will go much better is you actually start lean. I see guys wanting to do a bulk cycle sitting at 18-20% bf. This won’t go well and your just gonna open yourself up to a bunch of estrogen sides.

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Just one test e cycle for 12 weeks.

So deca is better for making gains?
Alright, thank you.

Yea body fat and diet are both in check.

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Why don’t you consider another test cycle with an oral added this time? Tbol may do the trick for your goals of lean bulking along with test. You could go Deca too but I along with others have had bad experience on Deca… ED.

I used dianabol at 30mg ed for the first 4 weeks in my first cycle and I just want the best cycle to gain muscles this time.
Thanks for the reply.

I don’t have any experience with tren to give you advice. I know deca has been awesome for mass building for me in the past but I had sides and had to stop. Tren is also a 19-nor compound and I hear has some nasty sides too.

Why not npp instead of deca? Npp should act very similar to deca, but since it is a short ester it will clear faster if you have problems.

I would actually say EQ over deca. My own experiences say that :slight_smile:

Leave tren alone for now.

I can’t eat enough on Tren to gain weight… doesn’t matter if I eat a dozen cookies a day, burritos, burgers etc, I wake up shredded and same weight as the day before like its groundhogs day …

however thats on low test 250, 600mg tren… Next time I plan to try 800mg test + 600mg tren to see what happens.