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Deca or Equipoise?

I’m thinking about doing a cycle of test and deca or eq.

Which do you think is better and have
had the best results with? Deca or Equipoise.

If you are bulking I would think about running them both at doses like this

Test E - 600mg/w
Deca - 300mg/w
EQ - 300mg/w

That way you get the benifits of the deca (increase size, power, and strength) with the benifits of the EQ (hunger mostly). I found I was kinda lethargic on EQ at higher doses and I know Deca is fairly suppressive so if using a lower dose of both you don’t have those issues.

Bear in mind that deca and EQ take a long time to kick in and should only be run in longer cycles (over 10 weeks for sure).

Depends on your goals. I do like FG’s recommendation above. Those are good ratios and dosages for any “intermediate” gear head.

I’ve ran Deca 3 times myself and EQ just once. I am in the minority of TNation gear heads who actually has affinity for Deca. I do find it helps my mobility and all the things its alledged to do.

At 300mg a week I never had any Deca Dick issues. At 450mg a week [despite also running 750mg of Test a week] I did begin to notice some however. As always mileage will vary on that issue. Some guys will totally shut down on 250-300mg of Deca a week. Others will run 600mg+ and be fine.

As for EQ generally not as many negative issues as with Deca. The hunger increase is much talked about. As are the potentially leaner gains. When I ran EQ, I ran it alongside Test [500Test/300EQ a week] and I personally did not notice much difference from straight Test.