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Deca or EQ? and Some Stack Questions

Whats up? this is my first post. i plan on taking my 2nd cycle (one about a 1.5 yrs ago, just some Test en. but i was allergic to it and had to stop 7 weeks in and was going 8-10, just depended on how i was responding)Sorry for all the questions but i’ve did research and just want to know some opinions b/c most everything looks good on paper, i just wanted some real world advice.

I plan on taking either deca or eq (which do u all prefer, heard and seen 1st what deca does but nothing but reading about EQ but its seems as if it may be better from what i’ve read) and staking it w/ a form of test, Sustanon 250 (again do what kind of test do u all prefer, w/ the exeception of en.) is what i had in mind. i had no problems w/ gyno the 1st time so i don’t plan on running any anti-estrogen.

Also what do u prefer as pct, clomid/nolvadex (read too much about both to pick so any 1st hand feedback is appreciated) and hcg if u all think it is necessary (pretty sure i’m taking it if i take deca)?

Also i know that w/ deca u need to wait a couple or three weeks after your last shot to start pct but do u have to do that also w/ EQ? I appreciate the advice.

Stats-- 25, 6’1, 238, 15is% b.f. (not exactly sure but can still see top abs and 2nd set on a good day) i haven’t exactly been working out hard the last 3 months due to school but plan on getting back in the groove for at least 3 months, probly 6 before taking.
I appreciate any info. Thanks

you were allergic to test??? haha thats funny.

EQ over Deca anyday. I’m not getting the bloat with EQ that Deca gives. Solid.

Lify Heavy,