Deca-Only HRT Experiences?

Has anybody tried deca only as HRT?
Interested in the topic and I am thinking about trying it?
What do you guys think?

Deca Durabolin, or nandrolone, is a synthetic anabolic steroid. When referring to HRT (hormone replacement therapy), for men, it means testosterone replacement.

You can do it, but it is not HRT or TRT.



Yes I know. But I have heard it has almost if not better benefits than test. Would love to hear users who try this out.
Also in aids patients they use it as HRT I have read somewhere

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I think aids patients use nandrolone because aids is a muscle wasting disease.

Depends on what benefits we’re talking about. We used Deca during the first 4-6 weeks of an 8-10 week cycle, while using testosterone over the last 6 weeks. Orals, of course, throughout. Over time, nandrolone will screw with you lipids typically increasing total cholesterol and decreasing HDL cholesterol.

TRT is long term, nandrolone shouldn’t be. But, you can.

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deca only works great for my libido, thats for sure, way better than testosterone.

Are you taking it as HRT?
And have you made any lab tests?
Would love to know how your numbers are

HRT - Hormone replacement therapy… Nandrolone is not a hormone to be replaced.

That aside… google the harsh effects of Nandrolone long term.

That aside further… it aromatizes a fifth of the rate of testosterone so how are you getting healthy E2 levels?


I know those Infos that’s why I asked for experienced users. I have heard that if you take around 300 mg you get enough androgens.
I know a guy who is on deca 500 mg for 8 years know without any problems but he is the wrong person to ask for numbers since he doesn’t care about that.
The estrogen problem is what makes this protocol suspekt imo.

Also in female to men community this protocol is getting more and more attention.

Deca will bit convert to estradiol. Estradiol is a critical component to health. You may not feel it at first but it will definitely catch up with you.

Doesnt Deca cause hourendous ED without Test? Hence “deca dick”?

OP i think u Will Love this podcast

Yeah I have heard this podcast and I liked it.
And I will at least try to do a nandrolone cycle.
@equel are you on nandrolone right now? How does it feel? Lab work?

Yes, which is why it shouldnt be used by itself. Always paired with T

No im on very low T injected ED right now.

I did 600mg npp this summer (npp only), worked great, super high libido. Also did 300mg, great aswell.

No. Deca with T can cause “deca dick”. Deca without T most likely not. Deca has been used - with very good results - amongs HIV patients, with great libido increase, actually.

Vergel on that other forum used it for decades.

Interesting, lots of deca dick guys on the pharma side are standalone deca users. So thats where Ive drawn my conclusion from. Vergel has also used every ED drug out there and has had libido issues too. So its not like Deca is without problems of its own. I suppose those Defy guys who are on Deca and TRT should be more cautious of its side effects

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