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Deca Only Cycle - Side Effects Years Later


What's up guys... I'm 34 years old and I did a deca only cycle with some winny over 12 years ago when I was about 20... I wish this thread existed then.

Since then I have been pretty much going done hill., all low T symptoms can't lose fat, etc

Got some labs done last week:
Total t 288
-waist--- 36"
-- hair on chest/stomach/ back and limbs--spotty/patchy/thin slow growing beard
-- noticeably thinning hair on crown of head and receding front
-carry fat on love handles/ around waist and upper thighs
-all symptoms of low-t
-no prescriptions currently-- tried deca for a cycle over 12 years ago
-Total Test: 288 Lab 1 (2pm) {28-800 range}
356 Lab 2 (9am) {348-1197 range}
-LH- 4.9 (1.7-8.6)
-FSH- 2.8 (1.5-12.4)
-prolactin- 13.0 (4.0-15.2)
-Estradiol (E2)- 17.5 (7.6-42.6)
-progesterone- 0.25 (.1 - .84)
vit d 48.6 (30-100)
Testosterone free direct- 9.9 (8.7-25.1)
SHBG- 23.2 (16.5 - 55.9)
Cortisol- 12.0 (6.2- 19.4)
-pregnenolone= 82 (7-188)

I most concerned about the very low t for my age as well as the low free t and very low FSH and high prolactin

went to an endorsement that wants to put me on TRT gel, don't know if that's the best thing to get the boys back in action

Need some advice if that's the way to go or maybe HCG with a SERM orAI

I think the problems could be somewhat genetic and the deca only cycle really screwed me

Just wanted to see if there's any hope for me for a poor choice made over a decade ago

Thanks Men


i'd re-post this over in the T-replacement forum.


Put the thread here only b/c it was a result of a deca only cycle and wondering if you can correct something from so many years earlier (ie pct)

Any advice would be appreciated


while it's true a single cycle can cause lifelong issues for some guys, blood results from now are pretty much impossible to read as compared to a cycle you did 12 years ago.

i think you prolly simply have low T, and need to investigate that treatment further (btw, your vitamin D is kinda low, and simply getting that into the higher range might make you feel a lot better).

some people have dabbled with SERMs and AI's as treatment for TRT, but none of them seem to "feel" as good as they do with actual androgen therapy...


^with that being said, if you want to try to manage this on your own, i'd look into lowering your prolactin, as that seems to be a tad high. a SERM might bring your T (and LH and FSH) up a bit, as well. however, i suspect it will be a lifelong treatment that you'll need to make....

here's a thread where i discuss SERMs and AIs: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/thoughts_on_planning_pct


Thanks Cycobushmaster

Any ideas how to lower prolactin?
Also could hcg as a therapy fit into the picture


Also what are the cancer risks associated with Novaldex?

And is there any use for supplements. (Ex ashwaganda, dim, d-aspartic...etc)???


yeah, you could use a dopamine agonist... pramipexole, cabergoline, bromocriptine,selegiline.....

i wouldn't necessarily throw in HCG in this circumstance, as you are producing some test. adding in HCG would actually lower your LH and FSH more, as it would act as LH.


well, it's more so in women...

however, if one was to use a SERM long-term (like more than a couple months), i would not use tamoxifen. toremifine seems to be almost as effective, but safer, and might actually improve cholesterol profiles...

i wouldn't add in DAA right now, as you can only use that a couple weeks at a time, and we already know you have some minor issues to correct.

vitamin D would be good to add in, as you're a touch low. ZMA is good, since a zinc or magnesium deficiency can limit testosterone production.

most other supplements aren't that effective, and might only make things worse. i would ensure that you're getting plenty of cruciferous vegetables, though, as I3C and DIM help estrogen metabolism...


^with that being said, here's what i'd suggest for now (if you want to manage this on your own):

pramipexole: .1 mg/night
vitamin d: 100% RDA w/ meal
ZMA: 3 caps/night

i'd make sure your diet is solid, too. too little fat/cholesterol can hurt testosterone levels.

down the road, you might want to look into adding in a SERM or AI, but for right now, i think this will iron out any issues you already have...