Deca only cycle for a beginner?

Hi Guys,

Im 30 years old, 6’0" tall, 172 pounds. never cycled before, I work out moderately, starting to get serious 4-5 days a week. Im getting conflicting advice on a good beginner cycle. I am currently leaning towards deca only for the first cycle. since its the safest, Ive been told. Does anyone know if a deca only cycle is worth the time and money? I dont want to get huge, 20 pounds of muscle should be good. what do you guys think?

You work out moderately and starting to get serious???

Why don’t you try at least two years of working out ‘seriously’ before using any anabolics. Alot of guys in your place wind up making very little gains from AAS because you have not learned how to make gains clean yet (through learning to make your training, diet, and recovery work for you).

Oh well…if you insist on using this early in your training. Try 1cc of test ethanate and 1cc of deca per week. There’s about a 95% chance that you won’t even need an anti-estrogen with this cycle.

Also…do some more research on the drugs you plan on taking during your cycle and post cycle. That’s of course if you plan on coming off…alot of guys that go on never really come off again.

Good luck and have fun…

well as you can guess im not waiting 2 years. but i appreciate the advice. and ive been taking my time and doing a ton of research online and with people. in the mean time i only have access to deca. so agin i ask is deca alone a good cycle?

Not waiting is foolish. Learn about your body, what type of training works for you, and what diet works for you. You can easily gain 20lbs being new to training especially at your height and weight.

In my opinion this is what will happen, you will juice, gain a good amount of size just because, then you will come off and lose most of it and become discouraged. reason, you have not yet learned anything about your body.

Keep training for awhile, make some connections, read, research and learn. Then come back and tell us what your exact cylce will be and we will help you out. Also, make sure you come back with that cycle after you have put on some size naturally.


from what i have researched deca alone is not a good cycle.

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[quote]mufisme wrote:
so agin i ask is deca alone a good cycle? [/quote]

deca is highly anabolic…so yes I don’t see why you couldn’t make good gains from deca only.

something to consider though…deca isn’t very androgenic…this may mess you up psychologically…you could have incredible recover but just not feel like training and wind up having half-ass workouts. having a good amount of androgens in your system from regular test may be needed to give you ‘drive’.

I have never taken deca by itself so my considerations are only theory on my part.

the only way you’ll no if it will work for you is to try it.

good luck…

Great advice from everybody, thank you all. ive worked out off and on all my life, and stayed active. i did the cell tech cycle last year and did good, gained about 7 pounds and learned a lot about my body, how i recover and what is best for me. im not gonna kid myself, i know what it takes to really train, ive been researching for months now and learning a lot, i know its not a joke. so this is my intro into the abs world. im excited about it, and itching to go, and all your advice, expecially JT is excellent. keep it coming guys.

Get yourself some Biotest 4-AD-EC. Try that on it’s own or with the deca.

Nandrolone deconate is not a very good first cycle. It is a highly suppressive steroid, and yes it can aromatize to estrogen. If you’re taking anywhere near a worthwhile ammount of this drug you will have a huge ammount of it snowballed in your system by the end of your cycle (half life being 16 days) and recovery will be delayed a long period and also will be hard, being that deca suppresses natural test production so readily. Additionally, deca lacks much of an androgenic component, so retaining sexual function while on and during recovery can’t be guaranteed.

This is a worst case scenario for deca, but enough people that i’ve talked to report these type of side effects to make me want to steer clear of it, at least unless it is combined with either an equal ammount or more of test. If you want a beginner safe cycle, try some primobolan. It can’t aromatize to estrogen, is one of the least suppressive drugs going, and the gains can be decent. A straight deca cycle, while it can work is asking for trouble, and in my opinion and the opinion of most should be avoided. There are far better choices for a first cycle.

If you have done your research and have access to the right ancillaries, any drug or combination thereof can be an extremely safe cycle.


I like JT’s advice. Also, read Randall Stroessen’s “Super Squats”. I don’t see why you can’t gain 20lbs (mostly muscle) naturally. I’m not saying you’ll be ripped to the bone but you can do it without getting fat. Good luck.