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Deca on TRT and Bloods

Quick question. Will Deca appear on your TRT bloods? Made the mistake of doing an EQ, SUST, Deca Cycle and my labs came back off the charts even though it was way after I quit the cycle. Live and learn. I assumed it was the EQ and SUST that spiked the result, however after reading more I have seen conflicting theories stating that Deca can spike your bloods also. Any thoughts, or experience? Thank you in advance!!!

How long after you stopped did you get labs done?

If I remember correctly it was almost a whole month. My usual levels are 800 and they came back at over 2,000+ (their scale doesn’t read above 2,000 I guess).

What dosages of each were you running?

Depends on the method of testing used, many a times deca will be picked up as test

the more sensitive lc/ms variant of testing won’t/shouldn’t pick up deca as test

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Sust 500
EQ 600
Deca 400
Split into two doses 3.5 days apart

Here’s your cycle plotted out as sust 250 every 3.5 days, deca 200 every 3.5 days & EQ 300 every 3.5 days done as a 12 week cycle with the end result being week 16 (4 weeks after stopping). Looks like it’s entirely possible your levels could be 2000+ 4 weeks after.

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