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Deca/NPP/EQ Over Tren?



What is Your opinion why a lot of people, not only gym rats but i think all competitors ( Pros or National ), use Deca/NPP/EQ in Off Season and keep off Tren while gaining time? Is it only about sides from Tren? Or with Deca/NPP/EQ You can gain more muscle mass ( i mean lean muscle, not numbers on scale or fat/water )?

Which one blast is stronger/more anabolic/better for add muscle tissues:

  1. 1g Test + 500mg Tren


  1. 1g Test + 500mg Deca or NPP or EQ


Personally coming from a strength sport side of things.

  1. Because tren is extremely powerful drug increasing aggression, focus, and strength dramatically with little weight gain (important for weight clases). So you dont really wanna stay on it all the time so that last 6-8 weeks before a meet you get a huge boost in performance. I do know some guys who stay on it basically year around. Go 300mgs in off season and then bump it to 600-1000mgs with Ace ED injections for serious carry over.

  2. Because it is very harsh on your body and in general I like to sleep.