Deca Nandrolone Success Stories

With the negativity bandwagon on Deca/Nandrolone, time for a board for some balance with SUCCESS STORIES ONLY (well aware of the downsides/warnings/deca dick/heart/mental etc).

Who has had success, brief description of success and at what DOSAGE - STACK - DURATION. Also, any side reducing practices that worked well. Lets try to stay on topic with just the info above.

I felt like a king on 600 deca 100 test, until I didn’t. Then it took like 2 months to come back to normal.

I did not make significant gains or progress in the 2 months I was on deca.


My first experience with Deca was 1977, where I took 100mg/wk of Deca and 20mg/day of Anavar. It was the first occasion where I excelled in a bodybuilding contest. I was on 8 weeks and contest time I was the most ripped I had been to that date. I got first place and all body parts except Best Arms and Best Legs. I ate like a pig on Sunday, I got back on track Monday and competed two weeks later winning and getting Most Muscular.

Thereafter my primary injectable anabolic was 200mg/wk of Deca. (I only used Deca made by Organon.) In 1978 I added testosterone cypionate (200mg/wk) to my cycles, plus about 20mg of some oral. I ran primarily 8 week cycles, but once a year I ran a 12 week cycle for the “big” contest I planned on entering. (I was usually “off cycle” for 6 weeks)

I had no side effects that I know of.


Awesome. Thank you

I am also old enough to have participated in the Deca-only era, although I was in the early 90’s. First cycle, Deca 200 mg per week only, nothing else. I gained 30 lbs in 8 weeks (ate everything in sight trying to get big for D-1 football) and put at least 40 lbs on my bench press. So it was alot of water but also alot of muscle/strength. As a result, I just don’t believe it when guys say you have to run it long term (12 weeks plus). Stuff was amazing (and of course I benefitted from it being my first cycle). Got a few nosebleeds towards the end but other than that no sides. Wish we knew more about PCT back then but that’s not Deca’s fault.

Well, you don’t have to run it long term, but it’s an ester with a long half-life so it takes a while for it to build up in your system… usually 6-8 weeks unless you frontload it.

P.S I know you wanted only success stories, but I fundamentally disagree with this type of request. Confirmation bias is a real thing and anyone looking for an excuse to do something doesn’t need any help being able to bypass less than successful stories.

I am still running NPP, just at a very low dose to combat some minuteman type symptoms I was getting from Mast. Had it not been for the mental sides I was getting at a higher dose, I would have run that for 24 weeks or longer. I genuinely enjoyed how I felt on it, until I didn’t.

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I have exactly zero experience where it seemed that the Deca had a significantly longer half-life than testosterone cypionate. Every single time I stopped a cycle, my strength went into the crapper at about exactly two weeks. So, Deca might have an ester with an exceptionally long half-life, but the strength benefits sure don’t share that half-life. And I did a boat load of cycles over three decades.

Also, when I did run a 12 week cycle (I suppose when Deca should be coming on strong), I upped my AAS the last 5 weeks. My strength gains would be tapering off after 6 weeks. I believed my binding sites were being dulled, and I needed an extra boost (or so I thought.)

No one told me about the long lasting ester in Deca, so, I was just too clueless to know what I was doing. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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Interesting - I had the same experience. “2 weeks” was always the rule of thimb back then and it was true for me, too. 2 weeks to start seeing results and at about 10 weeks, started getting the taper down. Of course, we (at least I) didnt B/C back then so a portion of the gains (and especially the water) were lost.

So it’s bad to let people read about experiences that were positive in order to potentially learn how to do it successfully?

Is that really what you took away from my comment? Talk about bad faith…

Deca has both pros and cons, i think both should be discussed so any potential user can get a good feel for what they might experience.

I’m not going to go back and forth with you. If you re-read my original post, there are PLENTY of anti-Deca stories out there (it feels like a “thing” right now). For balance, I want a laser-focused thread just on SUCCESS and asked for people not to hijack the thread. If you dont want to participate, please get off the thread!

“Tell me only what i want to hear”

Good luck

I’ll weigh in here, FWIW… My first cycle was the pretty standard/simple stack of: Test Enanthate - 800mg / Deca - 400mg / D-bol - 40mg. For length: Test E - 12 weeks / Deca - 12 weeks / D-bol - 6 weeks.

I have to say, I loved this cycle! I gained a little over 40lbs (ha, comprised of exactly what, not sure, but obviously it was not all muscle) and I was bigger and stronger everywhere. Every single one of my lifts went up substantially, I felt like a beast in the gym, and best of all, my joints felt incredible; like they did when I first started training. No exercises, movements, etc caused me any elbow, shoulder, knee pain and my recovery from hard training sessions was lightning fast: both muscular and neural recovery.
HOWEVER!!..On just my very next cycle (and done after several months off, and after running a pretty standard PCT of nolva, clomid, and TIME), running the same compounds, I began to notice towards maybe the 2 months mark(week 8 of 12) the nasty incidents of problems in my pants! I had a robust sex drive, but my ability to get fully hard began to really struggle, and if I did, it often would limp out on me during sex, and my ability to finish got progressively harder and harder. So much so that my gf at the time would often just say “it’s ok, you don’t have to finish, we can do other things” which, while she meant well, was like the ultimate embarrassment and of course did not help. As soon at that occurred, my stubborn ass did NOT simply stop taking Deca but I backed off my dose to only 200mg/wk (I had been taught that your Deca dose should always be half of your test dose, so I figured I’d simply make the percentage smaller) the rest of my 12 week cycle. RESULT: not a damn thing, and the issues only got worse.
Here’s where I would like to be sure to add: I personally feel that there are often two intertwined things at play with the dreaded “deca dick”: 1) obviously is the loss or impairment of ability to perform, sexually and 2) is the resulting psychosomatic problems that manifest in your head from your decreased physical performance! I think that once you begin experiencing issues getting aroused, staying hard, going soft during sex, or being able to finish, that your mind then becomes a massive, often PRIMARY, saboteur to your sexual function. Because once all of this begins, each time you’re fooling around with your gf/wife/etc and your brain knows it’s heading in the direction of sex, BOOM! your mind, followed by your body, begins betraying you.
So after this, I sadly chose to never again run Deca nor to even attempt to try to run it, I simply switched EQ in for Deca in my cycles and had no issues whatsoever-but I lost what, to me, was the best part of Deca, the amazing feeling joints that never hurt.
Deca is the only compound that really caused me issues (no, I never had access to NPP then as it wasn’t around like it is now), Tren didn’t even give me problems, but Deca was a compromise that I was not wiling to accept.
So, I had great initial success with Deca, but horrible personal relationship success with it as well. I think in my case that once I had really built up, over time, enough of it in my system that it began causing me very difficult sexual problems. But hey, if you’re single, lol or married and just never have sex with your wife, and want a strong anabolic and have issues with your joints causing you pain and holding you back, then Deca is an awesome hormone! I would seriously recommend it to anyone looking to begin cycling AAS; albeit with a mention to them to keep an eye out for any unusual side effects and tell me about them. notice I did NOT mention deca dick, or sexual sides…I would never specifically mention those sides because I believe that doing so plants even the tiniest seed in their brains that they may experience sexual problems and then yet again, the problems become psychosomatic and they immediately begin second guessing their performance abilities. I’ve found over all my years that, as a man, your brain plays a much bigger role in your sexual abilities/performance than just your physical abilities: if you’re psyched out, you WILL NOT usually get or maintain an erection, no matter how much you will it. You have to be relaxed/calm.

I would say that Deca/NPP is probably my favorite drug, after testosterone.  I used it in dosages up to 750 Deca/600 NPP.  Bench pressed in competition 515@242 and 500@220.  Never experienced any mental or sexual side effects as some report, but then again I never experienced any external side effects from any drug, at all.  The joint pain relief is a real thing, too, which was pretty critical in powerlifting.  

Someone mentioned above that despite being a long ester, if Deca or a medium? ester if NPP-it works a lot faster than you would think Assuming I was lean, I notice visual changes in my upper chest and delts in 7-10 days with NPP. Two weeks with Deca.

I think, assuming you don’t get the psychological side effects, nandrolone is pretty much the best 2nd injectable. Way better than EQ, which never did anything I could notice. I think it builds muscle better than tren honestly, which I used but was never really impressed with. No experience with primobolan, so I can’t speak there.

My favorite cycle is 1 gram test/500 deca/masteron when lean.


I’ve struggled on test cyp for 5 years. Tryed every protocol and injection frequency and doses of 50-300mg a week felt like I was poisoning myself. I had chronic pain, brain fog, numb (but fully functioning) penis, bloating and a whole host of other problems.

Switched to a Nandrolone based protocol just over a month ago and have become a new person.
I’m running 120mg nandrolone and 40mg Test cyp and never felt better in my life. I feel like a teenager in all categories and can get hard and tingly just thinking about sex with my wife and been together 27 years! If this is deca dick sign me up!


I’ve had great experience with Deca, running 200mg a week for 8 week cycle, similar to what others have mentioned with strength gains and decrease /easing of joint pain when lifting heavy being the primary benefits.

The only thing I’ve noticed with Deca is that it seems to thicken my blood quite a bit, the pro of this is that it adds vascularity (if you’re into your veins looking like they’re popping up under the skin), the down side is this is probably not the healthiest thing ever. During my first cycle I gave a pint of blood halfway through, haven’t done that this time but that’s always an option if my BP gets too high

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Thanks all. Not as many success stories as I would have hoped

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30# in 8 wks. Wow. :smile::+1:t3:. You were eating like a pig.

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Wow. That’s a great success story. Any idea what the science is behind this? It’s somewhat confusing to a novice like myself that NPP will create this kind of result but no amount of test could do that.

The only thing that has ramped up my libido to anything above average is a Prohormone I took over a decade ago - It was superdrol and dienedione - and I felt like a SEX MACHINE on that combo. To be honest it was a huge confident booster.

Trt never gave me a big libido boost. Trt with primo didn’t either.

I now have NPP, proviron, and mast e all on hand (and a lot of test)

Goals are likely similar to what you were after - something to give me a little mood/libido lift, some extra energy, and if possible hard gains along the way. Any info you can share appreciate.

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I will keep updated just had meeting with doc and switching to test prop 10mg daily and 30mg daily Nandrolone. My doc was amazed at my progress in 6weeks.