Deca & M1T

I was just curious, I’ve done some reading . Deca is usually stacked with a Test or and oral such as D-bol. Or at least thats what i’ve read. my question is since M1T is a Test, would it be safe to stack it with Deca?

My understanding is (have not done juice yet, researching before I do) if you are stacking you want to pair substances where one has a high anabolic to androgenic ratio vs. another substance that has a higher androgenic to anabolic ration. So, what I am saying is, you want one substance that is more anabolic than androgenic, and another substance that is more androgenic than anabolic. So, depending on how androgenic M1T is (knowing that testosterone is androgenic) pick a suitable one to couple with that. Hope that helps, later!

M-1-T is not a test product.

Using M-1-T and deca is absurd for many reasons including (But not limited to)

  1. They’ll both leave you limp
  2. Deca is in your system for months, M-1-T for hours. . . not a good combo.


This would be a horrible stack imo…Both deca and m1t induce lethargy as well as decrease sex drive…m1t is a very androgenic compound that isn’t worth it from my experience…deca is good depending on your goals…i.e, the off season is a great time to run it as the bloat will not be a big deal…I would run at the very least, a base of test to keep your sex drive strong.