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Deca Issues with Sex Drive

Hey this is my first time using deca, I’ve used test both cyp and enanth as well as dbol and drol. I’m currently running low amounts of cyp 400mg/week and deca 200mg/week. However I have had barely any sex drive as well as can’t get or keep an erection. I’ve only been on deca roughly 4 weeks. I believe I will get off and just use test for a while. If so how long till I bounce back? Any suggestions would be incredibly appreciated

Hey Man,

I believe that you should have run Cabergoline with Deca. All 19-NOR compounds like Deca/ Tren …etc compromise your Prolactine levelsl. It is indeed your prolactine that tampers with your erection & sex drive . Even on Viagra, erection would be a problem.


  • Start taking caber at 0.25 twice a week, preferably at the same time you take your Deca shots.

  • Add in Proviron at 25 to 50 mg / Day for the entire cycle. This will help much with your libido.

  • if you can afford it, throw in some herbal supplements that are known to boost sex drive such as, Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbine HCL, Meca Root powder, Tonkat Ali (long Jack). You might as well find all these in an All-in-one pill on any supplement website.

Please keep us informed

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Thank you so much. I will start as soon as possible. I appreciate the info and help more than you know

Hey Cheff13,

That’s OK. But please make a log of the changes you make and keep us informed so that everyone reading your post gets to know what worked and what didn’t.

Wish you the best