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Deca Injections, Conceptual Question

Next week I will be starting my first stack which includes deca-d.

Most all research I’ve done simply states to inject deca once per week (with a couple sources recommending two divided doses p/wk). I understand it has a long half-life and a long presence locally at the site of injection.

But, in concept (this is my creative self), for all you deca experts out there: To maintain the most even drug amounts in the body, why not shoot everyday? …Or what about something like EOD, or three even doses per week.

Is it becuase if you were to divide the doses daily they would be too small to measure in the average pin?

Fill me in guys.

What are the other compounds in your stack? I don’t see a problem with injecting more often than required. I’ll let the vets chime in with real life experience.

Well, let’s put it this way to keep it simple arithmetic that is for practical purposes close enough (though in fact not exactly right or the correct method).

If the half life were 10 days, this means of course that after 10 days levels have dropped to 50%. So let’s call that 5% per day then. (Not really but let’s call it that.)

So there is not a heck of a lot of difference in stability of levels between daily and every other day in this case.

Furthermore, it’s not as if being at only 95% of average levels has the consequence of putting results in the toilet, while 105% of average is no better than 100%, etc. The net benefit from the moderately fluctuating levels will be extremely close to that of constant levels.

But that said, the practice many have of letting levels fall all the way to half between injections is going too far with it for best efficiency.

On your point regarding volume: at say 2 mL usage per week, 2/7 mL is about 0.29 mL, which is easily measurable reasonably precisely with an insulin syringe. Which is what one would want to use with daily injections.

The likely reason this isn’t done by many if any, aside from lack of need, is unnecessary inconvenience I would think.

With regard to above post (can’t edit it as it hasn’t appeared as of my writing this) saying that allowing levels to fall 50% is not as efficient as is preferable:

That is in reference to what one might call overall levels, or total steroid dosing.

But if say 200 mg/week Deca is a relatively small component of the entire program, then if other dosages don’t happen to work out to where it’s convenient to mix some Deca with the other injections and thereby inject at some greater frequency, there’s nothing wrong with being convenient and doing the Deca as a single weekly injection of 200 mg.

True the Deca levels will fall quite a bit between injections, but overall, if it’s only a relatively small component, there’s not a large fluctuation in AR activation and so it is fine to go for what is convenient.

But if say doing Deca as the only injectable, stacked with say Dianabol, then no, it is a significant compromise to inject only once weekly, as overall agonist effect would be fluctuating quite considerably.

Bill, thank you for your help. That makes a lot of sense. For my next cycle plans, Deca will be the backbone (stacking with Dbol and Test). So, the last post you offered is probably most appropriate. I think what I’ll do is try and meet in the middle and maybe inject two equal amounts each week to ensure that I don’t drop too far below my desired levels. Again, I appreciate the knowledge from everyone.