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I’m currently on my first cycle (310mg/wk for 10 wks deca). Was wondering if throwing in some 1-test (t-100 or 1-tu) would have a synergistic affect. Is taking 1-test for that long safe. What side affects can I expect? I’m currently on wk 2 of the cycle. Any info would help.



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Apparently Deca isn’t the hot item these days; everyone is a Tren freak.

Anyway, you probably don’t want the cycle to be that long. I would opt for 400mg/wk over maybe 5 weeks, take a 2 month break, then maybe do another 5 weeker.

At that dosage your nuts are going to go north for about a month and its going to suck while your system returns to normal. You will get pretty good gains on Deca, and you are right about the side effects. After 3 weeks on that dosage (deca-only), people were freaking out in the gym wondering what I was doing. By the end I had increased my mass and strength a great deal. My cycle was 5 weeks. The side effect was testicular shrinkage that wasn’t permanent, probably lasted about 3-4 weeks. No gyno, no hair loss, no other appreciable signs of hormone overload.

I did this cycle way way back when deca was the bread and butter of bodybuilders (and not illegal).

Anyway, I loved the shit but I realize that there is much more knowledge about what’s best and the proper protocols to get the best results. I used the Deca as an “edge”. I wasn’t looking for freakiness.

Good luck.

BTW: as long as I was lifting, my gains seemed to stay with me and lasted for some time after I stopped lifting. Then again, I didn’t go beyond my genetic potential, I just got bigger and a little more ripped. I definitely noticed a strength increase after about 1.5 weeks, and at 3 weeks chicks were starting to take some serious notice and my strength and endurance was much better. I couldn’t believe my endurance and I would simply lift until I got bored.

I would recommend on the last two weeks of your cycle to take HCG, its a hormone that will help decrease the very likley possibility of a “crash” after you stop.

Yes everybody on this board is putting down deca. I am shure they are right in the sense that their is more powerfull and more effective gear out there, but… Studies in holland have shown that moderate doses of deca over a period of eight weeks kan give gains of about 6 pounds lean mass wich where still there eight weeks after WITHOUT using any recovery agents (clomid)!!! So yes deca gives you erection problems and supresses your t-production, but for normal guys looking for normal gains it is still a reletively safe steroid with few side effects.

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You should take the steroid SAT which is in the archives.

A deca only cycle is ridiculous; a beginners mistake - a waste of gear. Ever heard of deca-dick? You need to read up.

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Finally, someone who doesn’t freak out like it’s judgement day when someone makes a post that doesn’t have to do with a stack of 5 different aas and just wants a little help with simple shit like deca. Thank you Kai for helping out the people and simply answering their question instead of acting extremely homosexual like p-dog.
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6 pounds in 8 weeks with a suppressive, illegal injection? Is that supposed to be good? Ever hear of Mag10 Kai? Oral, legal, non suppressive and at least as good in the gain area.

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wow a study in holland said you can gain 8 lbs of lbm in 8 weeks. personally i could give a fuck about what a study in holland said!

here in the good ole U.S. of A. we say deca sucks! we have done studies that have shown that 8 weeks of deca will make you more limp than bosshogoutlaws wrists for a year.

personally, achieving a hickory strong boner is quite important to me. i will not use a drug that will compromise my ability to lay the wood to bosshogoutlaws mom.

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for a more serious reply… you should seriously consider adding Test to the Deca cycle. The guys here will give you shit for Deca, however for good reason. With all the readily available choices today of AAS Deca is so… 80’s. There is just more sensible choices. So, all the shit aside, add some test and avoid Deca in the future. Depending how long you run it expect to crash at cycles end. Get some clomid and something like Tribex to help get your balls going afterward. HCG can help, too (although I personally have not used HCG somebody else may be a better authority on it)

if you are going to run deca, Run it with some test for sure. Also front load it and end it early in you cycle so it is completely out of your system by the time your cycle is finished. Also, run a long acting test and make sure your dosing with the test ends later than the deca so that you don’t end up with deca being the last steroid still in you system. Hcg is of course always a good idea to run through your cycle but it won’t help at the end if you dosed your deca to out run the rest of your esters. As far as ancillaries go, I would definitely keep some viagra on hand!

Drago1 “i wish i was tren freak. that is a sexy bitch.”

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I’m not a steriod user but I got a question. Wouldn’t it be better to have a limp dick for a couple of weeks than be bald forever. I know on some people bald looks good but on most it makes them look older and like shit. I see pictures of all these big strong young guys with thinning hair are they crazy or is it just me? This hair thing is the main reason I would hold back on trying steriods or prohormones.