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deca haters

You know, all the shit that deca gets on this board is unwarranted (in my experience). There may be better anabolics out there but I’ve been running it alone for 4 weeks now and haven’t experience ANY of the sides you people talk about. At 400mg/wk I don’t have a side to speak of. Maybe I’m just lucky but I thought I had to defend the stuff. Sex drive, through the roof. Strength gains that exceed my buddy’s who is running d-tabs with it. I’m 9 pounds heavier and couldn’t say one bad thing about the stuff (yet at least). I’m sure I could be making better gains with some stack but gimme 1 shot a week with no sides and decent gains and I’ll take it. I’m not knocking what anyone else does but deca deserves more than it gets on this board.

Write the same thing 4 weeks from now and good for you. BTW glad to hear you like it.

exactly. just keep shooting up with deca only bro. you wont be singing its praises when your impotent. i would rather be dead then unable to get wood.

I agree with drago. You may be able to get it up, but once off, it could be a long time before you get it up.

deca dick

I think once you’re done your cycle, you’ll have little to show for it. Increased water retention, and you’re probably eating more will account for the 9 pounds. And your sex drive will go down eventually (because the nandrolone will suppress your natural testosterone production.) And because Deca is very anabolic/not very androgenic you will undoubtedly not gain strength from the cycle, or be able to sustain a reasonable sex life.
If you’re happy, go with it, BUT there are a lot of resources on this website which would point you on a more efficient and better way to get your goals. If you do some reading you’ll find just as safe (if not safer - deca has some side effects) cycles which would do you better.
Just trying to help.
And BTW, I like deca for the joints but I’d NEVER EVER use it alone - always stacked.

I agree to an extent. Deca is not as bad as it is made out to be around this board, but it still isn’t great. True, the side effects are greatly overrated around here, but whatever. You can still make an informed decision about which anabolics to use. Deca is near the bottom of my list.

BUT…using Deca as a standalone, does merit some ridicule.

im not gonna beat around the bush here, Deca fucking sucks

I agree bro, I myself dont have a problem with deca but theres 99.9% chance u WILL get deca dick toward the second 4wks if u dont start runnin some test immediatly, who cares if its 1 shot a wk if ur impotant! just dont want u to end up commitin suicide…

“BUT there are a lot of resources on this website which would point you on a more efficient and better way to get your goals.”

Can you sugest a good starting point for me to get some info dude?

A friend of mine has been taking 200mg of deca, for a 6 week cycle. He has been pleased with the gains he’s made. Would you expect him to get “deca dick”??? Will anti-eastrogen suppliments help reduce the effects?

Advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

A good starting point to get some info is over to your left: The Search Button. Also go through back issues and read things by Cy Wilson and Brock Strasser. Umm, seems your understanding of AAS is pretty minimal, which is fine, so just read a bit before asking questions.

Personally, I think Deca alone is retarded, and I would never do ANY cycle without a base of test. Deca-dick isn’t the only side-effect of deca either.

Again, tell us how much you love deca several weeks from now… by the way this is probably the worst cycle I have ever heard of.

Each AAS has certain generalities that apply. However, in my experience each person reacts very differently to the same AAS. You will likely get DECA Dick, but you may not at all. Everyone reacts differently to just about any drug.

Katphan is right and that is the point that I try to drill into everyone. We will all react differently to different drugs, training, supplements, even food. To each his own.

I used deca alone for 8 weeks and i had/have no problems getting it up. I agree that a lot of people on this site are anti-deca, but whatever. Everyone has their own poison. As for test suppression, isn’t tren worse? 3times more powerful then test, yet way more suppressive. The last deca post i read on this forum, everyone jumped at the guy for wanting to use deca. I think he played rugby. Everyone told him that he was stupid for his choice, but then people were telling him that deca was very androgenic and not very anabolic so it wouldn’t help him. The funny thing is that noone corrected this information, they just left it. It’s fine to be bias, but seriously don’t be blind.

Yes that was me. I am in the middle of a deca/winstrol stack right now. Everyone on this site does hate on deca cause they are afraid about the horrible deca dick. I’m sure half the guys around here have lots of experience with aas so I’m not gonna say otherwise. There is one thing that has been constantly overlooked and that is age. Most of my friends that have juiced took only deca for 8 weeks and not one of them suffered “DD”, even years after the cycle. They were also between the ages of 16 and 18. I’m no genius, but I am a biological sciences major and I do know that sexual peak in males comes at the age of 18-- perhaps its the raging hormones. To all of the deca haters out there, yeah I know there is tons better shit out there and we are all retarded. Here’s my question–if you could take only deca, reasons being that you 1)wanted to achieve and keep strength gains 2)keep it safe and not stack huge cycles to prevent a plethora of chemicals into your body, 3)have crazy sex drive–the opposite of getting deca dick, would you take it? I know I would.

Deca wouldn’t be so bad if you used test with it. Deca alone is what people are annoyed at. But since tren is a derivative of nandrolone, it works via similar mechanisms as deca. Since tren is significantly stronger than deca, the choice for most people is obvious: tren.

Ok, as far as I am concerned deca has its purposes. I occasionally will use it if I am having shoulder problems.
I wouldn’t use it without test, period. And I sure wouldn’t go beyond 6-8 weeks with it. And I wouldn’t finish a cycle with it. I’d make sure it was pretty well cleared out by the time my cycle was ending.

bosshogg, so are you saying that one should only use deca between the ages of 16 and 18?

No P-dog, stop drawing conclusions to try and make me appear inferior to your own gay self.(You really should refrain from including the word penis in your posts). In short, no I will not deny that deca has the potential to cause erectile problems. No, I am not suggesting deca be taken by any age group. All im saying is that all of the guys on the forum who have experience with aas tend to put down deca, mainly because there is better stuff out there–simple as that. These are the same guys who use the deca dick side effect as their other reason not to take it. Other the other hand, the guys that come on the forum asking about deca probably do it because of the same reasons as I did–we have friends that tried it and it was nothing but positive results. It just so happens that when my friends took it they were 18 or younger. P-dog, apply this information to my above post and see if you can understand my thought process. When you’re done take the metrosexual quiz.