Deca Gyno

Hi Bill Roberts

Can i avoid gyne of DECA using only nolvadex or arimidex?is it true that deca and tren can’t use them togheter?


Sometimes gyno develops or is exacerbated by Deca even if using Nolvadex or Arimidex. Pramipexole or cabergoline can help.

Genuine trenbolone and nandrolone can be combined; in some cases with UG “trenbolone,” you may just be getting more nandrolone and too much total. Trenbolone is far more expensive a raw material than nandrolone giving temptation for trenbolone products to not be what they should be.

If no joint issue, then just skip the Deca, problem solved and nothing lost compared to choosing another injectable.

why should I use Pramipexole or cabergoline? Nolvadex and/or Arimidex would not be enough?
in the decade 70 bodybuilders had only nolvadex and did not develop gynecomastia …

with trenbolone is also necessary to use prami and caber to prevent gynecomastia?

thank you

I don’t know it’s a fact that no bodybuilder in the 70s or 80s got gyno from Deca.

Pramipexole or cabergoline are to avoid excessively high prolactin.

With genuine trenbolone there is no need for pramipexole or cabergoline, as genuine trenbolone does not raise prolactin, but much “trenbolone” is not genuine.

Prolactin can cause gynecomastia? I thought deca cause gynecomastia to be
a progestin

That’s an interesting and substantial question. Can elevated prolactin, alone, cause what is in fact gynecomastia, or is it a matter of aggravating pre-existing (from puberty) previously unnoticed gyno, and/or inducing lactation in the absence of gyno?

I don’t know the answer to those. I’d be surprised if elevated prolactin absolutely alone, no elevations in estradiol or progesterone, could cause gyno, but I don’t know.

Aggravating the nipple area, even to the point of inducing lactation, and causing situations self-reported as gyno? That does occur sometimes with Deca.

I view it as a completely avoidable problem even without cabergoline or pramipexole, because:

  1. Most who use Deca are doing so for no reason which cannot be better satisfied by another injectable
  2. Where there’s actually a point to Deca use, namely for joint issues, all it takes is a low dose such as 50-80 mg/week (the high end of that is really a matter of injection frequency and measuring convenient amounts in the syringe rather than an exact needed figure) and these problems don’t seem to occur, assuming estrogen is controlled,

and I always recommend or write the substitution or reduced dose.

You are right on the progestin issue being another adverse quality of Deca. Pramipexole or cabergoline will do nothing for that but have helped the nipple-area problems anyway. Perhaps the combination of adverse effects (elevated prolactin and progestagenic activity) is a worse culprit than one alone.

Deca is a totally over-promoted steroid.