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Deca- Good or Bad ?


Allright before i get to sleep, i've been poring over threads and peoples responses to it are pretty varied to say say the least...........

So what are people's views on it ?

Deca/ Test E / D-Bol = Best Cycle ?

Though then you'd need to frontload Deca... Test C ?

I'll leave it with ye im getting some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's


I've seen the opinion on deca take a nose dive in the last 6 months or so. You'll probably find it hard to find a positive write-up on deca in that period. I know Bill Roberts has stated his view that it is to be avoided unless you have stock you really want to use or need the joint pain easing benefit. Brook has gone from a huge proponent to qualifying his recommendation of the compound with the imperative of using cabergloine to avoid libido sides. Many will say substitute with tren which has its own sides, but does not elevate prolactin the way deca does provided you have bona fide tren and not a mix of deca and test or some other counterfiet as tren powder costs significantly more and many suppliers substitute it.


Not sure if anyone can say x, y and z is the 'best cycle' BUT the cycle you mentioned - with the correct ancillaries is a damn effective cycle to make one big.


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I think it's definitely a good enough drug to at least try once. Nandrolone with proper ancillaries can certainly give one a nice look. After am I done experimenting with different drugs I would likely use nandrolone again, provided I can find some NPP. The long ester just isn't appealing to someone like me who doesn't like staying on long cycles.


It gives a quality look doesn't it Bonez?

Many don't realise that until they use it - or use the real thing.


Yes, I liked the way I looked on it very much actually. I looked very full without looking bloated or having the muscle separation washed out. This was while I was eating a lot of carbs. It was a look I hadn't been able to achieve with testosterone + adex alone. My vascularity did not increase dramatically either, which is a plus for me because I don't really like having my veins pumped all of the time.


By the way, it seems to be being said more and more that Deca "does" cause high prolactin and that this is the cause of the problems.

While it can, the question of whether it is true as a general statement requires not just noticing problem cases where they may have been a blood test verifying elevated prolactin levels -- which test wouldn't have been done if not for the problems -- but a set of tests on a group of users, compared to results from those using a different androgen.

That would be hard to acquire oneself, as who is going to take a prolactin test when they have no problem, or are using a steroid they think can't cause that?

However there is at least one study that in the course of things happened to measure just that: many measurements (forget what else) for athletes using either Deca or a testosterone ester.

Some Deca users had elevated prolactin, but not the majority. Testosterone users had it at an approximately similar rate. Some had completely normal prolactin; ditto was true for testosterone.

Now I am not saying that prolactin has nothing to do with it because I also think it does.

But it is not the case that Deca consistently gives high prolactin. The study in question -- sorry, I have absolutely no idea of what journal it was in -- showed that quite often prolactin remains normal with Deca.

So I also don't think that prolactin is the whole story.


I ran a Test/Deca/Eq cycle recently. I didn't have any side effects, but I think I might have gotten the same results just by running Test at a slightly higher dose. So I have no complaints about Deca, but I can't say I'm a big fan either. I think my next cycle will just be test prop alone.


Deca is something that was incorporated into a recent cycle however I do doubt I will ever use it againg. That being said the better feeling in the joints was amazing to say the least.


I personally like deca with test as opposed to straight test at large doses, but I am only talking a 150/150 a week mix my doctor prescribes for me now. My elbows don't hurt like they used to, and my shoulders still "pop" a little but now there is no pain there. I was stalled at 300 a week of test only, and a couple of weeks after starting the test/deca mix I started making huge strength gains like I hadn't seen in a long time.
I haven't tried big doses of deca and test yet, someday hope to if the timing is right.
I never got gains like I have lately like when I did 600/week of Sustanon once long ago...


It seems to me that Deca is the AAS that most represents the cliche that everybody has their own individual reaction to a given substance. I do not have first-hand experience with it but have many acquaintances who have. Between them and the internet forums there are those who regard Deca as their absolute favorite while others hate it.

Most of my friends who have used it seemed to have a positive impression. I remember an old timer that I knew reminiscing about his competitive days (60s-70s) and described Deca as "the Cadillac of steroids."
The bottom line is that you don't know how you'll react until you try it. So hope for the best but plan for the worst(impotence, moodiness, loss of libido, etc.) by having all appropriate ancillaries at the ready. I plan to give it (and NPP) a try in the future.


Wow, your comments are interesting and timely. I make it a point to never discuss AAS at the gym, but the other day an old timer mistakenly thought that I suggested "deca" in regards to his joint problems (I actually had told him that I just started using "Adequan", lol). Anyway, the guy immediately started rattling off names of guys he used to lift with in the 70's and 80's who've since passed away, the post-cycle issues yada yada that arose with deca.

The way I see things, those guys didn't have the ancillaries to use test at decent doses, so they started using deca thinking that it had limited to no sides. Naturally a lot of the guys that were borderline pros, or not quite able to qualify were the heaviest AAS users, and they paid the greatest price.


Indeed, I believe deca was popular due to the lack of proper AI's for heavy test or other aromatizing steroid usage.

I have used deca in the past with test, and my recovery was slow, despite doing everything "textbook".

On cycle I was not blow away by the gains, and I found that I respond similarly to simply higher dose test+AI, so I have never been a proponent of deca.

I have noticed that test+deca is better than just more test. The drugs seem to synergize very well, and the joint lubrication/turn over is just fantastic.

I have recently become more interested in tren, I had used it before and was quite uncomfrotable, not extremely, but noticably. I do not believe my dose was high enough to be impressed by the gains, and I intend to experiment further.

Test and tren will be my next run. I hope that my discomfort was a isolated incident from trying a new drug.