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Deca For Women

I am wanting to try Deca for the first time. I weigh 120lb and 5’6 and am a novice lifter looking to put on a little bit more muscle. What would be a good starting dosage and cycle? thank you for any help!

Women dont get any special treatment here. Read the damn stickies. 10 minutes worth of reading would tell you this is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard all week.

FYI…You should expect my responses to be about as in depth as your posts. In saying that, I am already giving you too much. Good day.


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Brandi, take these responses to heart. These guys are giving you a firm warning.

A few years of trial and error, hard lifting, gains and losses, successes and set-backs, will help you learn more about your body. At that point, you may not even want to mess with this stuff. Spend the money you would have spent on deca on a personal trainer. Good luck with your goals!

There is no predicting individual sensitivity.

A disadvantage of a long-acting injectable is that it is going to stay in the system even after it’s noticed that it’s too much, if it is too much.

There is a case in the medical literature of a woman suffering irreversible voice change from a single 50 mg injection of Deca.