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Deca for Torn Bicep Tendon?

Had an mri which showed complete tear of bicep tendon, didnt retract though…thank god. Doc said no heavy lifting for up to 6 months and no lifting of any kind for probably about 3 months. What do you think about maybe a shot or 2 of deca to help speed the healing process??or just not worth it?

 If you already have the decca, a little each week wouldn't hurt, but you may not notice a real difference in the healing rate.
 I've had partial tears of both bicep tendons, several years apart. In both cases, I was attempting to do a triple, pulling in the rack from just below my knees. In both cases, the weight was roughly equal to my best (raw) DL from the floor. (Yeah, I'm a slow learner.) In both cases, the tear occurred as the bar was about 70% of the way through the third rep (no straps). The second time, I even finished the set. (A VERY slow learner!) So far, I've never torn a bicep tendon while doing a max-effort single or double, either from the floor or from the rack, but there's a first time for everything....
 In both cases, I got lucky: the tendon didn't tear completely off the muscle. According to two orthopedic surgeons, if it detaches from the bone, it can be surgically reattached so that it won't come off again, not even in a train wreck. However, these guys both said that, if it detaches from the muscle, yer fucked. 
 Complete recovery took months and months, even with a little juice. During the rehab process, very slight pain seems to be a good guide. (At the VERY FIRST slight twinge, open your fingers and give the bar to God!) Start with the lightest dumbells in your gym--5# ain't too light--and progress slowly from partial deadlifts to stiff-leg deadlifts to very light clean-grip pulls, heavier pulls, etc. Eventually, the rehab led to two WR deadlifts in the Seriously Old Farts Class, so I guess it worked out OK. I wish you luck, perserverance, determination, strength & courage.
                  "Coach Joe"   

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
As long as you do it right, ie follow sensible, basic aas theory (ie no deca ‘solo’ unless you want a limp dick, planned PCT etc), then I think that a small cycle should speed up the healing process. If you can get HGH, then so much the better.

Plus, you can use this time to focus on your legs if you choose… :slight_smile:


Bushman, What was that drug we were talking about around 2 weeks ago that was supposed to help with ligaments and tendons. I remember that it was a vet substance. Recall?? Vets were using it with horse injurys.


I think it was Adequan.