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Deca for Sprain/Strained Muscles and Tendons in Right Arm?

hello all. about 6 weeks ago i grabbed some weights off the floor of my gym and curled them before warming up. the next day, i realized i had pain in different muscles and tendons in my right arm (including one muscle in forearm, tendons connected to elbow joint and muscle going up to shoulder). it has been 6 weeks now. the pain is very mild and only appears rare and infrequently. when i think it has completely healed, i might feel it again, mildly or moderately. mostly the pain around my elbow is most pronounced.


  1. at what point do i call it quits and take some deca?

  2. what is the smallest dosage of deca that i can take and for how long?

I take PEDS. i am on trt permanently. i never get symptoms of gyno. so i try to avoid taking any drugs that would require me to use an estrogen blocking med.

I wouldn’t. Try BPC-157 for an injury like that.

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Deca doesn’t heal muscles or tendons. In rat studies it has shown to actually have a negative impact on tendons etc. It does offer joint relief via synovial fluid increase. @swoops39 made a good point at your viable option.

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Do you have a reference for this? I haven’t found one. I did post some info on intra-articular injections of AAS that show some promise for anabolic and anti-inflammatory action inside the joint. I’m still hypothesizing nandrolone works directly at the brain in terms of pain management (among other stuff it works for :slight_smile: ).

Most of the studies I’ve read actually state there is a lack of actual data as it relates to Nandrolone and joint pain. I could provide links to sources that state what I quoted but most are unsubstantiated with actual data. So perhaps I shouldn’t represent that statement as gospel. I can’t find the study I read on the joint repair in mice but the study below mentions it along with an additional study on rabbits which shows a negative impact on the actual tendons from Nandrolone use.

Thanks, these are as close as I could find to actually analysis of synovial fluid but would require intra-articular injection:

Systemic injection of nandrolone doesn’t seem like an elegant approach compared to these but with the peptides perhaps it’s a moot point now. Haven’t worked up my courage on those yet.

thank you for this info, i will check it out. do you happen to know a reliable distributer in the EU?

thank you. i was wondering this. i am glad to know better now.

just read that BPC 157 can cause fatigue. i have a personal rule against using drugs that cause fatigue. are there any other options for muscle and tendon repair?

That’s news to me. I’ve used a shitton of BPC and never had any fatigue.

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have you ever used MK 677 or MK 2866? they both caused fatigue with me.

Never heard that, and I didn’t notice it while I used it. But, even if it did, it’s the closest thing to a miracle healer in a bottle, so getting a little tired is worth it, IMO

that’s high praise. i will be keeping it in mind in case i cannot overcome this bs. thanks

I used it for two minor issues in a shoulder and for a calf sprain, zero pain in 10 days.

I’ve had lower back pain on my left side for years. Hurt to get in and out of my car most days. Tried painkillers, didn’t work out. 14 days of 500mcg BPC and I’m pain free. Zero movement limitations. This stuff is magic

wow, you have probably convinced me now. are you in the EU or england?

where can i get this stuff? it is unregulated?

I’m in the states, not sure how to order in UK or EU, but I get mine thru my TRT clinic. If you contact a UK clinic, maybe they’ll have it?

can you refer me to your trt clinic?

I use Rejuvenation Care Clinic, out of Florida

Thanks again