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Deca for Lower Back Pain?

Okay guys simple question regarding deca and joint health
On about week 7 of 15 of a Test mix 800mg weekly and just threw in 300mg of deca.
My lowerback aches after doing deadlifts, bb rows and squats.
Could very easily be a bulged disc but im hopefull its muscular and I can work through it because while im working out I never feel any pain just the days after it kills me in the lower back and erectors/ lats.

Oh and the question how long should I expect to wait till I get relief from deca in the joints

Thanks lads!

My guess is you may not get relief at all. Lower back pain has many causes and is a little different than joint pain associated with knees, elbows etc. Deca increases synovial fluid which is where the relief comes from.

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As @blshaw said, it works well within joints but lower back pain is not something it will treat. If your back hurts from doing certain exercises then don’t do those exercises. Rest will do more for you than any drug on the planet.

Pretty sure my lower back pain is caused by my SI joints locking up! Yeah ill see how I get on with it

You know what solved my chronic lower back pain? Glute work like those booty ladies do. Plus, now I have more power to lay down on the wife in the bedroom. Give it a shot; couldn’t hurt.


I had 2 herniated discs last year…
Too many years of lifting & labor… honestly drugs won’t do it alone… time, ice, rest… I cut gym for about 6 months… 3 months cardio only then 3 months pt… once my back was healthy for lifting I did a TrenA cycle & got most of my gainz back…
Single leg squats, Bulgarians, lunges, core work with tons on planks… that’s what worked 4 me… I ran trt test, HGH, bpc57 during rehab

I think deca worked well for my back pain on several occassions. L4/5 disc degeneration and arthritic facet joints. I think u can feel improvements in a week or 2 generally.

One occassion when i was not training at all for several reason and back pain, i had a deca blend 100mg np/200mg deca. I had a 10ml vial and took 300mg once a fortnight, it help alot and i was able to Put off a facet joint ablation procedure for many months.

Trial and error is the only way to know if its going to help.

If it was joint pain I’d expect you to feel it at the time for sure, so you’re right in that its most probably muscular.

I have a partially herniated / bulged (not sure of the exact terminology) L4, been working around it for the best part of 10 years and this is definitely true. Stronger glutes and stronger abs has significantly reduced flare-up frequency and intensity

Think I have the same thing to be honest feels like im locked up and then I feel a pop or crack and im good to go but while im locked up im in bits till i feel that crack.
Been a week now on the deca and I think im feeling my joints crack and pop in places a bit more after heavy workouts especially in my shoulders and hips. I do static stretch after heavy workouts alot more now, went to a chiro and they said I have a slight anterior pelvic tilt so ive been doing more lower abs and stretching my quads.
Its just years of training and working in a physical job.
Lets hope next week is even better.

Second shot of deca two days ago, threw it in with the test and yesterday I could barely move my leg, stuff i got isnt the best brand to be fair but its starting to work I think joints are releasing alot easier in my low back

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Been two weeks on deca and I feel like a new man. Lower back and SI joints pop and crack with ease now, my whole body just seems to re adjust itself. It definately works at helping recovery and lower back pain because without the joint pain I can tell where my trigger points are, when a muscle is over tight and I can see more clearly where my issues are instead of my whole body aching from facets and joints sending aches all over the place.
Definately worth a try if your experiencing chronic lower back pain and aches through out your thoracic spine, you probably have a touch of arthritis like myself!

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I was going to suggest ab - exercises, then i see you have that anterior pelvic tilt . . . . that’s a real ache and it makes sense now that lifting weights isn’t necessarily your trigger. Keep up with the horrible excercises your physio gives you and consider your glutes might not be engaging properly as this often goes with anterior tilt.