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Deca For Joints?


I heard that a mild dose of Deca is great for joint pain. Any thoughts on the amount that would help in that area? I really don't want to take too much...I tend put weight on at a very high rate when on restoratives.

I'd be open to other recommendations besides Deca if there are some out there that are better.


I am currently taking 300mg / week which is a really low dose. It has done a nice job in relieving joint issues for me...I P-Lift so there are many.

In the past I have used Eq, but it is not as good, at least for me. Next week I am going to start GH...from what I understand that is much better than Deca.


I would hesitate to run a deca only cycle.Soley because of the suppression capabilities deca has.Yes deca is great for the joints to answer your question.

Testosterone enanthate and deca stacked together is a good start.Spend some time researching anti estrogens and post cycle therapy before you start runing anything.

Let us know what you descide on and we will tweak some compounds and dosage for ya.


Sorry bro, hit the wrong key.Take you some glucosamine sulfate and see if it helps any.



Will a 300mg dose give you "DecaDick" or hair loss?


I'm thinking of taking 200mg of Deca a week to 10 days. A few days ago, a buddy of mine said that Nurobolin (Sp)would be a better or more cost effective way of getting what I want accomplished, but he said it's only 50mg per ml so that would mean a lot of oil to inject which doesn't fire me up.

I really only need this for joint relief and mild recovery benefits. I really don't need it for size or strength at all as I have no problem with both. I don't mind adding something else if that would benefit, but I really don't want to add mass...I already am too big, plus, I'd like to keep my libido and hair as well.

Any help would be great.