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Deca for Healing


I'm wanting to start my first steroid cycle of deca and tes and I need info.? Update : I want to run this cycle for 10 weeks max not so much for the gains but for the healing properties for joints etc.. What would be appropriate dosages of each and what kind of test? Plus how much would this cost?
Update 2: I'm also 20 years old and I weigh around 170 bf % is 10-11

  1. You don't need steroids you weigh 170 lbs keep eating.
    2 . You need to do some research as you clearly have done very little if any.
  2. Deca does NOT heal your joints. It has a tendency to make you bloat and hold water. This gives some people a feel of joint cushioning. How ever it is only a mask. If you have damage or are doing something that causes pain and you use Deca ot will possibly mask it temporarily but, you will continue to do constant damage the entire time.
  3. Reread 1-3 and take it to heart.

Just a side note something I would recommend you doing and has helped me much more than Deca is Fish Oil. I stopped taking Deca 2 and half months ago first time I had come off in over a year of it due to the joint cushion. I started working with some one more knowledgeable of supplementation than my self. He told me to stop the Deca and Start 8000mg of Fish Oil a day. I figured my joints would hurt but honestly after the Deca wore off I have noticed even better joint feeling using the hugh amount of fish oil than I ever did with Deca or Eq.


That's a shit load of fishies, I bet you get some horrid burps after that


No not all I buy burpless 1000mg burpless ones and work great.


Hahah I had to google that shit, thought you were taking the piss


I just buy the cheap shit fish oil and never had a problem with fishy burps. Didn't even realise that was a thing.


yeah no problems with burps either, maybe once in a while i'll burp and be like oh that smells like fish oil, but that's about it


Maybe its just me


I always thought the burps smelled (and tasted) like peach pits. Must be some kind of body chemistry thing, just like how a percentage of people don't get smelly piss from eating asparagus. For the rest of us it smells like pheasant guts!