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Deca for Healing Purposes

Hey guys I suffered a pec tear a little over a month ago, had surgery, and rehab starts in a few weeks. Since growth hormone is way out of my price range, what does everyone think about some Deca at 200mg a week for 12 weeks or so to help speed up the recovery process? I’ve been doing some research and a lot of guys say it’s good for joints and (most importantly) growth/repair of tendons and ligaments. I’m trying to figure out if this is true, however, so I’d like to generate some discussion. Anything that would help speed up my recovery and get me back on the weights sooner would be amazing, so I’d like to figure this one out. Thanks dudes.

Forget about it. If you had a chronic joint injury I would say go for it. But in your case , take the time off rehab it properly and then once its gtg hit the gym hard. It wont take long for you to get your gains back once your healed up.

HGH wont help you either if your are under 25.

However, I would reccomend you try adequan. It may help you heal faster. Im running it right now and it works wonders. It is designed for animals, but is safe for humans as long as your not allergic to it as some people are.

I had a pec tear approx 3 weeks ago. Not tendon, but muscle belly. Have been considering some DECA myself for the reasons mentioned above. If I go forward, I will try to post my experience foe you.

I asked my chiropractor about this and said many athletes do a short cycle just to heal. I doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. It would speed things up for sure.

I would personally go down the HGH route for injury rehab. Deca can shut you down harrrd

Or GHRP if you can’t get HGH.

or can’t afford it. Shit’s so expensive!