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Deca for Bursitis/Tendonitis


I have been diagnosed with a calcium deposit in my left shoulder capsule which is causing calcific bursitis which is extremely painful. I actually thought I tore my rotator. I rested it for some time and got some ART, massages, stretching and it felt better. I have been back training for about a month and I am starting to feel the same pains just not as severe yet. I am getting aggrevated with this situation.

My question to anyone with experience in this is will a deca cycle break up a calcium deposit. I have done a cortisone shot which doesn't seem to have broken it up. I know that deca works wonders for tendonitis and bursitis. I am considering this to get rid of the bursitis however if the calcium deposit remains the same then it would not solve the problem. I would love some feedback on this situation.


As far as I know the benefits people see in there joints is through deca's progesterone effect. I could learn more about this, but as far as I know it promotes collagen growth within the joints....


Sorta...if you do a google search on my name + "Deca, Winstrol and your Joints" you'll find a piece I wrote explaining all of that stuff (to the best of my ability, anyway).


I just want to bump this thread because I would like some more feedback from the professionals. I have been grateful enough to get some PM's from Anthony Roberts about this situation. I am in need of some help.



I would first try another couple of shots. I have got a couple of those shots and the first couple of times there wasn't any change in the pain. The third time was a charm.

For you main question, I would be willing to bet a years pay that a deca cycle will not break up that hard deposit. IMO, not an expert.

Good luck.



An orthopaedic surgeon at my university who is highly regarded uses Iontophoresis with acetic acid to break up calcium deposits. You might get a PT to do this for you. (side note: many studies have shown that this doesn't work, but his patients generally derive benefit from this treatment. He is working on case studies now showing that there is promise for this method of treatment, but it is not published yet. Therefore, don't rely on pubmed for that info. If a PT asks, his name is Dr. Kibler at the University of Kentucky)

Also, where did you get the info about deca and tendonitis/bursitis? Have you experienced this personally? I happen to have a stash of deca that I have been holding on to for a while and am experiencing tendonitis in my shoulder that has completely prevented me from lifting. But that is another story...

On this note, my understanding of using deca for a tendonitis injury is that it is detrimental. My reasoning for this is:

  • Injured musculotendinous unit will have a disproportionate healing rate between the muscle and tendon (Muscle will heal much faster than tendons due to the vascular differences)

  • Nandrolone will ultimately increase a muscles ability to increase torque at a joint angle. Increased muscle strength with a compromised tendinous attachment will only further damage the tendon (even though the tendon will gain some strength from the nandrolone administration, just once again, not proportional to the muscle gains)

If I am off base on this or am making too many leaps with my conclusions, please someone set me straight. This is an area in which I have a HIGH level of interest in and am trying to stay on top of the game with the best info out there...

Thanks guys.


Is there anything a women could use for this other than deca. I have it in my elbow.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. I have seen often that deep friction massage can have great effects with Ca++ buildups on tendons. This is especially the case with the supraspinatus tendon. Deep friction massage in conjucntion with the aforementioned iontophoresis with acetic acid just might do the trick. PM me if you want some info on any of this.


Bursitis or tendonitis? The advice that can be given varies greatly between the two conditions (and their locations for that matter).


Other than Deca = Other than steroids?

You could try Adequan or Aflutop.

But Deca, especially for women, isn't a bad choice for joint pain, if you were going to use steroids anyway.


Steroids wont help with joint inflamation. NSAD's will. Pulling water might help sooth joints but, not reverse inflamation. Avoiding paticular motions, motrin, ice on the effected area post work out, are the measures I take while trying to work through an injury. Its hard to work around these things but, think longterm..............freak


Actually, certain steroids will do exactly that via a cell-mediated immune response.


"a plausible explanation for the contrasting effects Deca and Winstrol have on joints"

If it were my shoulder, "normal" therapy until the problem is resolved. Once you ruin a joint, your pretty much all done in this game......Freak


i also have real bad tendonitis in my shoulder along with tennis elbow. i already got 2 cortisone shots. the funny thing is when i went 2 go and see the orthopedic he mentioned when people are on steroids it affects their joints. i asked him if he was accusing me of using roids and he said no just making a comment. in reality i was using decca proscribed by a doctor for low t levels. i am 47. i have not used them in since may of last yr and the pain in my elbow started in june of last yr.


What game? I play first division rugby (2 shoulder surgeries), Dave Tate is an elite level powerlifter and is going on his fourth surgery....

If you compete at a high level of any sport, you're going to get hurt...that seemed to be a popular consensus this past Test-Fest. Pre-hab, rehab, injury prevention, GPP, etc...all of it works, but when you have a quarter ton of weight on your back for a squat...there's always potential for injury.


Im not sure where "mike" said he had a quarter ton on his back or that he performs on a "high level" like a professional athlete. In addition, I assume the shoulder repairs were a result of trauma in your sport? All the guys I ever powerlifted with who were dx with Mikes problem and kept pushing, broke. Im not sure if I would consider multiple surguries anything other than a bad thing. Either way, Im done with this thread. My joints are healthy------Freak