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Deca for 13 year old

Ok, I’m gonna have fun with this, number one yes using steriods can cause penis enlargement, but it can also cause permanent sterility. I might be mistaken but I beleive there was a letter in either bts, reader mail, or bill roberts, brock strassers columns, The thing you have got to remember is that this solution is not for sure, penis enlargement is not directly linked to deca use for individuals around puberty. Believe me there are much more definite and asinine ways to enlarge your penis, synthol or esciline for example. Inject directly into said area, bingo. Beside any woman will tell you length is not important it is girth and ability. girth from synthol is automatic just look at the misshapen arms of the some of the guys on the dead pool. Sounds like you haven’t done your research son get on that search engine and read.