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Deca for 13 year old

if this is a serious post YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON! you either have a fucked up way of thinking or you have a serious lack of knowledge about the matter. i am 17 and when people my age tell me they are thinking about getting on the juice i go ape shit on them. THERE IS NO NEED for you to try that shit when you are that young. You have bearly even reached puberty! I have been lifting since i was 13 and i didn’t even start to put on a noticable amount of size until i had been lifting for 2 or 3 years along with EATING RIGHT and TRAINING RIGHT! first read some of the past articles and educate yourself or at least post more info such as diet, workout schedule, height, weight, body fat, etc… and i can pretty much guarantee you that you will make comparible gains by training/eating right and taking some safer supplements than if you were to take roids and still have a shitty workout, diet, etc.