Deca/Enanthate Stack

I’m just starting this stack after being off for about 7 months. My goal is lean muscle mass… also thinking of adding winny in a few weeks. Started with 200 deca and 400 enanthate yesterday. I am wondering about dosages primarily, but any other comments about this stack are welcome.

If I were going to use deca (which I won’t) I’d frontload say 400-600 mg in the first week and same with the test. Drop the deca after week 4 (assuming you’re doing 8 weeks) and keep running the test and you could add you’re winny at that time. Hope you have some clomid and anti-e’s would be smart too but I’m gonna assume that you do because you used the search engine before you posted this ? and did your research didn’t you?

I have done my research and have an ample supply of clomid… waiting on my HCG. This is my 5th cycle in about 4 years. I have always done a cycle here and there, but nothing consistent. I’m ready to kick it up a notch and commit to the whole lifestyle instead fo dicking around. Its such a waist of money to do random cycles then let yourself slack. A close relative of mine is an experienced bodybuilder, but I just wanted to get some outside opinions on the dosages. Too much information never hurt anyone.