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Deca Durabolin Cycle Doubt

Hi. am 31 and 74kg . 3rd cycle
1 month 40mg anavar
After that 12 weeks of deca 200 and eneanthane 500 per week started … taught to get the best result from low dose Thant gives me more room for future.
Now problem is I finished 3 weeks of my 12 week cycle and feels like having deca dick… very rarely erection , not hard Nd shot time only. So planning to change to equipoise instead of deca…
And in this 3 weeks no muscle or strength gain…feels week.diet and supplementation on point.
Do I need to take 250iu HCG 2 times per week on cycle?
Can I change deca to equipoise in 3 weeks as I heared both of them takes minimum 12 weeks to show some results. So if a change to Equpiose for the balance 9 weeks won’t give any result. Planning equipoise and eneanthane 500mg per week.
Any one can help me to clear my doubts.
13th and 14th week I will use proponate 500mg
15th week nolvadex will start 20mg per day.
Do I need to take clomid as it always makes my eye sight blur even with 50 mg.
Do I need to take a 2000iu before pct week? Or enter keep 250 IU twice per week on cycle? Plz help.
Thanks in advance

From my personal experience:
I shoot 500iu hcg twice a week in order to keep my testes alive and that helps me recover much more faster on pct.

As for the pct, you should never start pct few days after your last injection. Try to continue injecting testosterone 2 more weeks after last deca pin, and then start the PCT 2 or 3 weeks after your last test injection. Longer the ester, the longer you need to wait for the pct so it will go out of your ssystem.

Are you using Arimidex on your cycle? My first cycle ever was test e + deca and tbh I never ever felt what other people consider as deca d*ck, it was the opposite , had sex like 3 times a day everyday lol.

You can try to inject oxytocin, that works like a charm when it comes to mood and erections.

P.s I didn’t quite get it, how much are you injectin on THIS/CURRENT cycle?


I did only 200mg deca per week…100+100 Mon and Thur with test e 250+250mg…but felt decadick and very bad moodswing…I discontinued deca as I don’t want to be in that mental state for 3 months… so 2nd month onwards started equipoise 250+250mg weekly with eneanthane 250+250mg…and HCG 500iu monthly once or twice is adviced by my friend who is a competitor. But u mentioned 500iu twice everyweek…is it quite high?

1000iu per week spread out is not high. That’s a pretty standard dose.

Both the test and deca will take about 4-5 weeks to start noticing results in the gym, FYI. Switching to EQ is fine but you will have to wait for the results and run it a little longer.