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Deca Durabloin 200mg Week

hows everyone doing,ok so this is my first time using deca, i have used equipoise before with d-bol, my question is can i use deca by it self using 200mg a week only… can i use this alon or do i still have to use a test even though its a low dosage of deca, please help

everybody usually flames this question.

… Or tells you yeah go ahead…then laughs their faces off.

first off thats too little a dose to do much,

secondly it needs to be stacked with something that will support your libido as nandrolone doesn’t convert to DHT (which is responsible for libido) so eventually you will loose the ability in that department

Thirdly…also keep in mind it being the decanoate ester it will be active in your body long after you stop using it… suppression can last as long as 3 months that means starting pct late, and keeping your other compound you choose to stack it with running longer to bridge that gap (unless you can get your hands on some test decanoate to go with your nandrolone decanoate)

Fourth… Nandrolone is a very strong anti-Inflamitory … you can pretty much injure yourself while training and not even realise the severity of it untill you go off the drug.

Is nandrolone just an anti inflammatory? I thought it was good for collagen also? Is boldenone better for collagen synthesis?

Prisoner is correct. The minimum dosage you should use is probably 300mg/week.

I don’t get the libido problem from deca (I use it alone with no problems), but the majority of people do. It’s best you cycle it with something else.

I know one guy who couldn’t even jerk off while he was on deca (It went non-functional, and he was almost crying about it). He was doing a stack of deca & test, but was using deca first & planned to add test in a few weeks down the road. Once the test portion of his stack came in, he was able to bang girls again.