Deca dick

I ended a two-week cycle of Deca almost three months ago and my erectile function still hasn’t recovered. I’d say that my erection is only about 70% of what it used to be as far as rigidity is concerned. At first I figured it was normal and I’d just wait it out. Now I’m starting to worry because it’s been a while with no real improvement. If anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice, PLEASE help a brother out. I’m not sending my unit into battle until I’m confident he’ll stand up and fight like a proper soldier.

Dude, seriously try to think twice before fucking around with you endocrine system.

NO MORE DECA!!!Next time try EQ…
Prior to action (1-2 hours)try yohimbie…
Clomid …may be help full too…

Would be nice to see other t-man’s opinion too…he-he-he…

I can t believe anyone is really using this deca crap…it s a worthless steroid! it s the lousest steroid on earth!! you might just as well inject estrogen.look, you can use high doses of testosterone for two years in a row. if you take arimidex along with it(1/4 tab every 5th day) to eliminate aromatization, you still wont end up impotent. you will even have a lot of your own testosterone production left!. taking arimidex with deca is useless. you d still get impotent. forget deca!! it s for chicks! not men!

Thanks…I’ve heard clomid or HCG might help, but now that I’m a few months past the end of the cycle I wasn’t sure if it would matter. And I agree…it was a bad idea to try deca without any T in the cycle. I’ll do some further research on this and hope for more responses.

Is this “Deca dick” phenomenon a potential problem with the use of 19-norandrostenediol?

Steve N. You are right about Deca killing the dick, in fact that’s a fairly common catch phrase, but you are 100% wrong about deca being a worthless drug as far as quality muscle gains are concerned.

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Some say viagra is the best solution for Deca Dick. From what I heard it can bring you back to your former self even after you stop taking the viagra. But if it is not merely an erectile difunction but more of complete lack of sex drive, your only solution would be a)testosterone b)HCG or c)clomid. Hope this helps… P.S. I am not speaking from experience!

Answer to Jason: Yes.

Winstrol oral (say 20 mg but even 10 is good)
plus Androsol should help greatly, and very possibly put you better than your normal condition. Viagra is useless if you are not generating at least an almost-decent erection in the first place.

Winstrol injectable, 200 mg, also works well but of course is longer acting.

Okay, so let’s say I befriended a doctor who understood my situation. Winny tabs seem to be the only logical choice, since RU486 is the only other progesterone antagonist I’m coming across in my research. Could she prescribe this for me? And if so, should I also ask her to write me for some clomid as well? And, I know this is starting to get rediculous, but since I’m predisposed to MPB, should I ask for proscar, too? I’m sure she’d be willing to do it, but would it be bad to have the same doc prescribing winny, clomid, and proscar? I mean, even in this case where it makes sense medically? Or should I get scripts from different docs? Or could I get better prices on the black market? I’m skeptical about looking for winny on the black market because it’s popular and thus carries a risk of being fake. And thanks for your help so far.

I saw a thing on TV about people abusing prescriptions and the phamacist on the show said they get suspicious when people bring in similar drug prescriptions from different doctors. Just a thought.

First of all, if your having problems getting a woody, you had problems before you started taking any kind of steriod. Test, deca, winn, androl all made me hornier than a 9 peckered goat. I couldn’t walk out side when the wind was blowing without getting a hard on.

Tell the whole story Brother!!!
Your penis probably sees your hand and starts flinching. hahahaahha

I’d be stunned if you could be prescribed Winstrol for the purpose of increasing libido. Testosterone or possibly methyltestosterone are the only androgens I think you might get a prescription for for that purpose, and then only if blood tests show low testosterone.

Also, the Deca is long gone from your system by now. The problem has nothing to do with ongoing progestagenic activity from the Deca. It may have to do with low T levels, which possibly could be an aftereffect of the Deca (use Clomid or if that does not work, T replacement therapy, but Clomid always does
work in my experience if the problem is simply post-cycle low levels rather than low levels that occurred independently of steroid use.)

Finasteride (Proscar or Propecia) at 1 or 1.25 mg/day won’t interfere with libido significantly, possibly slightly, but at higher doses probably would. Proscar is not needed for either Deca or Winstrol, but is of value for testosterone or methyltestosterone.

Tripod, you’re wrong on that one. I found out that many people who use deca without something androgenic or without some kind of progesterone antagonist (ie winstrol) end up with this problem. On the other hand, many can get away with it. Everyone is different. And thanks for the info, Bill.

Now I’m worried. A few days ago I asked a question regarding using Nandrosol during a 6-week cutting cycle, and you said it was probably fine to use it (70 sprays, twice daily) for 6 weeks straight. However, I don’t want to end up in Floppy’s situation when I come off the stuff. Is he right, could this happen to 19-norandrostenediol users? I’ve used it for 2 weeks at a time with no problems at all, but is using it for 6 straight weeks like playing a game of Russian roulette with the ole’ unit? Please advise! (Thanks)!

Damici, I used nor- diol lozenges from Supertech when they first came out. I used the full out dose for 3 weeks. I got strong as a freakin ox, and felt like the king of the gym. At around the same time, I picked up the two hottest girls I’ve seen, so I’m pumped up. I get them both in the sack, and suddenly my dick is half up at best. This happened for about 3 weeks. (until those chicks deleted me- jeez, I still can’t understand why!) Anyway- I had no idea why this was happening. It was the weirdest thing though. The feeling in the gym was incredible- the muscles were amost numb feeling and just pumping out reps- no soreness, nothing. Then I also noticed my dick was numb- literally, I had no feeling in my dick and thats why I couldn’t get it up. I finally realized that it was the nor- diol lozenges. My dick didn’t get back to normal for quite a while- maybe 2 months.

I tried Nandrosol for 2 weeks a few months back, and had pretty good strength in the gym, but had no dick problems at all. I was very cautious. I kinda prodded it every once in a while to make sure I wasn't losing feeling. No lost feeling. Maybe just a tiny bit in the end, but that went away a day or two later. So, anyway, after this long, off the topic post, my advice from experience is stay at 2 week intervals.

Damici, I wouldn’t be worried. If you were okay at two weeks, you’ll probably be fine at six weeks. But you never know…I think that just like everything else, everyones body reacts differently to things. That’s why we have to be careful…what might be totally fine for one person may cause problems in another. For example, I used a 19-nor supplement for a two-week cycle at the recommended dosage, and by week three I had gained about 8 lbs, maybe one of which was fat. Vascularity started popping up in new places every day. My skin would get all flushed when I was lifting…my skin felt tighter and the pump was absolutely amazing. A few extra reps here and there came easily. I wasn’t really thinking about it, but the volume and intensity in my workouts were through the roof. I could tell I was holding a little more water, but it looked fine. In my short experience, I was able finally get a glimpse of why some people get out of control with steroids. You feel good. Some people will say, “there’s no way a legal supplement will do that,” and maybe they’re right…maybe it won’t do it for them, but it did it for me. In my case, my sex drive took a hit, so I learned how to prevent that. THE POINT: Your own experience is your best guide…use that before you just go by what someone says (and for that matter, before you just go ‘buy’ what someone says, too.

Damici, though many thousands of bottles of Nandrosol have been sold, I’m aware of exactly one complaint that it seemed to reduce libido a little. That’s it. On the other hand, there have been very numerous testimonies that it does not increase libido nearly as much as Androsol does, and many say it gives no increase.

It is not the same as using Deca because the amount converted to nandrolone is no doubt quite low. Maybe equivalent to 50 mg/week.

Whereas the threshold for “Deca dick” is on average around 400 mg/week being as far as
it can be pushed. I have not heard of the problem with anything less than 200 mg/week.
So Nandrosol is getting nowhere near close.
Basically it delivers nor-4-AD with a minor amount converted to nandrolone.

We have not, I regret to say, measured conversion to nandrolone, but since with Androsol only about 300 or 400 ng/dL was converted to testosterone, it’s highly improbable that Nandrosol converts much
more than that to nandrolone.

It’s enough to blow a steroid drug test for you, I’m sure, (not an employment drug test) but not nearly enough for “Deca dick.”

Bill, the question I have is: Does the Nordiol in its unconverted state cause “Deca dick”? I have only been on this stuff for about 48 hours and I already have absolutely no sex drive, and have not had one erection. Being a Traditional Catholic, I’m not complaining. Perhaps it can help me avoid the near occasion of sin, as well as help me pack on some muscle. But back to the question. In Issue # 3 of printed T-mag, Brock Strasser is quoted as saying: “Now according to the patent by GD Searle, on a mg/mg basis, nor-4-AD is about 85% of the strength of nandrolone! It’s probably as androgenic and ‘progestenic,’ too.” (Tim Patterson, Testosterone Muscle With Attitude, December 2000 - No. 3, p. 16) Now, considering that Nandrosol sends blood Nordiol levels into the stratosphere, and Nordiol is 85% of the strength of nandrolone, I now understand why I have become an asexual over the past 48 hours. Again, I’m not complaining. I’m just telling you how it is effecting me. Actually, I love the stuff. Stacking it with Androsol makes me feel totally “jacked” and is really increasing my intensity in the gym, and my recovery is excellent. When I train naturally, my muscles are like quivering jelly for six hours after a workout, and I’m sore as hell the next day. With Andro/Norandro products I do not experience any of that.