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Hello.I have one question.I started 200 mg Deca+300 mg Testosterone Enanthate cycle on 15th December 2009.After 3 days,my dick was weak couldnt have hard and then i stoped my cycle,i didnt continue.My penis turned to normal on 10th day and i didnt do PCT for one shot.I used this shit only one week and one shot no more.I was ok for 1.5-2 months.And from 20th February 2010 to today i cant have hard easly.I will go to doctor in 1-2 days.I want to ask you that only.One shot can give me Permanent Deca Dick? My balls and Leydig's cells are ok i think they are big and hard.But my penis... I dont know what happened.I will look to my hormones LH,FSH,Prolactin and etc... Plse answer me one shot can give me permanent? And i think i wont use HCG cuz my balls are ok.Clomid may help me? Sorry for my bad english


You didn't use a dopamine agonist (like Caber) to control prolactin sides, what did you expect? You can't tell if you've recovered by visual inspection, you need a hormone panel to determine that.


one guy selt me this steroids in my GYM.And he didnt say anything about Caber or Deca-Dick.I used one time only and then stoped.I know Deca is killing Natural Testo very quickly.I will look my hormone panel Monday.If my Prolactin is ok,can i turn to normal?or it is too late for recover? Im really angry.My penis can hard but it is not easy like old times,my performance is around %50.Deca sucks and i wont use any steroids anymore.I hope i will be ok but permanent Deca-Dick is killing my brain.


Your prolactin didn't raise enough to cause problems 3 months later because of one shot. Something else is going on.


doctor looked and said everything is ok my balls,sperm,and hormones.He says it is on your brain now dont think about your dick anymore.I can have hard but it takes 3-4 mins.I wont touch 1-2 weeks and will wait.Anyway i will have another hormone and blood test today for %100.




Yeah, I'm on 500mg/Deca per week with a gram of test. I am using Caber and I could cut down a tree with my cock. I think Deca-Dick is a myth. Test intake needs to be approx twice that of Deca, or at least thats my sweet spot and Caber is a must!


That 2x test : deca talk is the myth. All anyone needs in any cycle is a replacement dose of T for normal function. The reason why you feel good on that much deca is because you are replacing your normal T (and then some) AND keeping prolactin under control. That myth likely started before cabergoline and other dopamine agonists were available to the bodybuilding world.


Thanks god,i can have hard well after months :):).decadick sux.Im lucky cuz my LH was 3.05 and my balls are big didnt need HCG,i stoped this shit early.Be careful... High Prolactin and progestin may kill Hpta.

That was my first and idiot cycle.Deca is for Profs.