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Deca Dick - What is it?


I read alot about the dreaded "Deca Dick" on this and other boards, but I have a question: Is Deca Dick the loss of desire for sex or is it the inability to get an erection despite a normal sexual desire?

As I posted once - I'm contemplating a low test/low deca cycle (350mg/200mg) a week. Has anyone here had experience with Deca Dick and if so, how bad was it? When did it become noticeable?

Thanks in advance.


The inability.

I have unfortunately had the experience for one week and at your low of a dose I wouldn't really worry about it. But if you are that worried get some Dostinex (Cabergoline) and take .5mg e3d, that should solve the estro from converting to prolactin and you'll love the enhanced effects of it as well.


Thanks. I'm just curious. Did you stack with Test at the time? If so, did it happen while on cycle or after?


Yes stacked with test but some have sensitivity to 19Nor's like I do. It happened during cycle but I was running my Deca at around 500mg/week without Dostinex on hand (big mistake).


Estrogen does not convert to prolactin!

caber may help though.


Not only does Oestrogen not convert to Prolactin, and Cabergoline doesn't stop this supposed conversion from happening, but Nandrolone actually works to increase Prolactin by two paths - first from its activity as a Progestin AND its (small) affinity to aromatise.

Of course Test will worsen this although it will assist with the Androgen based libido problems.

As Aragorn said, Caber should help - and there is really no need to use 500mg of Nandrolone. 200-300mg is a great dose and very effective indeed, with 400mg being the upper end i would suggest - and even then likely more than is needed..


aragorn and brook FTW


How would Proviron fare in defense of Deca dick.


It would provide enough androgens (DHT) but wouldn't do anything for a prolactin-based problem.


Ok, just a side note here--- Prolactin is a PEPTIDE!

It belongs in the GH superfamily.


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That is v.interesting.

I have begun to set time aside to make my way through those articles you posted links to. Thanks for those they are excellent



Interesting. So while the Deca Dick lasts, does Viagra solve the problem temporarily? I guess for me it's less of a concern in that case because I've already suffered from bouts of Deca Dick before ever taking any AAS much less Deca.

If it means I need to take Viagra, then to me it's no different than before I started.


Isn't prolactin effected by oestrogen levels in your body?


Jesus Christ. 'Deca dick' (which is a fucking ridiculous term to begin with) is NOT a term for general ED - you have NOT had 'deca dick' without using 'deca'.

Viagra will NOT help that - while it may help standard ED.


Depends if you are British or not...


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Yes, it may be affected, BUT ESTROGEN CANNOT CONVERT TO IT!! Estrogen = heavily modified cholesterol base ring structure with a molecular weight of about 272.4. Prolactin = 200 amino acid long peptide chain with a weight of about 23,000. You can't just convert one into the other.

It is not clear what the interplay between estrogen and prolactin is and what drives what.


Tell me more because that's what I'm trying to understand. So far from this thread I gather the following:

1) "Deca-Dick" is a form of ED but not necessarily libido loss (You want to, but you can't)
2) The ED from Deca is different that commonly occurring ED which may not be helped by Viagra

Can you tell me more about 2) ?


I asked about this because in the various forums, I see references to "Deca Dick" where it seems people use term "Libido" where I suspect they may mean ED.

Thanks in advance.


It will be confusing when posters will say different things in the same thread. For example i disagree with the post by Bushmaster - because the loss of desire leads to the inability.

As you should know, loss of libido and ED are separate issues but closely related. For this reason, it varies for different people with some guys losing the desire but still getting hard, some not getting AS hard and some not getting either.

Nandrolone is supposed to raise prolactin higher than regular aromatising steroids - prolactin reduces libido.
Of course for many, this loss of libido leads to a loss of ability (even though IF you felt in the mood you may get it up, you never feel in the mood so don't).

Deca Dick is simply the sexual dysfunction caused by the use of a progestin (a synthetic hormone that acts like progesterone). It is most likely hormonally related to the lack of DHT and the increase in Prolactin.

This is why someone who doesn't use AAS cannot suffer from Deca Dick. Can they have the same issue through different means? Of course - but it aint 'deca' dick is it? (It would be Prozac and Proscar-dick..)

Viagra is for increasing erectile frequency and strength WHEN you are aroused. It won't work for someone with no desire.
It is for filling up those chambers with blood - it doesn't make you want sex if you didn't in the first place (once you have a raging hard-on, it is common to want sex more but this is different from what i mean).

I don't know if you have ever used it when it is not possible to be aroused - but it doesn't work.

Shit - even if it did then i for one would not be fucking women with a dick i am not emotionally 'connected' to. Be like being a big fleshy dildo...