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Deca Dick Solution


Hello! In this post I will describe way to get yourself together after deca, no matter how bad is it in your case, it is mostly possible to get rid of deca dick.

I am no medical pro, just a man who got rid of deca problems, I DON’T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT IS WRITTEN HERE!!!, I only show You how I dealed with deca dick and what also helped others. Also, I know 4 people who got back from deca hell by just using method described below. It will take time, depending on how long you’ve been having problems, stack used, and genetic factors, but as wrote before, it already helped four completely different people (genetics, diet, lifestyle - big differences) where one of them did run deca solo… and now, after 8 months, he is off of everything and perfectly fine, got his relationship back to normal. In my case, it took 3 months to get off of everything as I had good luck with genetics and didn’t run deca solo (test E 450 to 500mg/week), also I did cycle really short (6 weeks) but I am very sensitive to deca… had no erections from last week of the cycle, after starting this protocol I got back in few days :smiley: and now it’s been over a year since last deca shot(300mg/week), all my blood levels are perfectly fine (testosterone in high 700+ range, LH, FSH, E2, prolactin: all on most optimal levels), I have great libido, no problems with getting hard and even going for few times a day.

There’s hope, I think that with this 5/5 full recovery rate, it’s good method.

It’s almost a regular test cycle, with few differences.

What You will need:
-testosterone - all of us used enanthate 100mg/week (no matter if 250/ml or 100/ml, go only for 100mg of enanthate a week, with 120mg/week being total, absolute limit)
-proviron - for the kickstart, and pct, 25mg/day for 20 days as kickstart, and 25mg/day for 30 up to 40 days on pct
-HCG about 30 000 units total, for the last weeks of treatment
-clomid - 50mg/day, 2 hours prior to sleep, for about 10 to 20 days on pct only
-Plasma donations during cycle - as often as possible for the whole time You’re on Test - you need to get rid of deca metabolites, they’re mostly in plasma
-if high bodyfat - You will have to lose it (intermittent fasting with 4 hours a day feeding - best time 4 to 8p.m. - feed, rest is fast, go for extreme calorie restriction if You need it, still eat dietary fat and at least 3 whole eggs a day!)

-about 1 to 3 grams of Test total
-proviron - 60 tabs 25mg/tab
-HCG - 6 packs of 5000 units, remember to store in cold
-clomid - 30 tabs 50mg/tab

I highly recommend these during PCT, after HCG (however it’s possible to go without it all)
-vitamin A - 20 000units/day (half in the morning, half before sleep)
-vitamin D - 8 000untits/day(the same as above)
-vitamin K2 - MK7 - 200mcg/day(in the morning)
-vitamin E - 400units/day(before sleep)
-zinc - 150 up to 300mg/day(half in the morning, half before sleep)
-selenium - best way: brazilian nuts, 6nuts/day
-Magnesium - 375 up to 600mg/day(before sleep)
-some multivitamin (with Iodine, copper(500mg), folinic acid and B12), thing in smallest possible doses, avoid overdoing vit B6, it can cause neuropathy and make your dick feel like paralyzed (using noopept 50mg/day will help if already a problem)
-chamomile or passiflora teas - drink instead of water :smiley:
-green tea - lots of it

Now protocol for the worst possible case(deca solo, without any pct, months after going off):
—6-9 months of Test E 100mg/week - 50mg proviron first day in the morning, 25mg/day for next 19 days (also in the morning) - Plasma donations - as often as possible for the whole cycle( stop 1 week prior to HCG)
—with last Test injection - start HCG 1000units every 3 to 4 days before sleep for total of about 5000units total AND proviron 25mg/day in the morning and stay on it for the next 30 - 40days
—about 2 weeks after last Test infection, start HCG 2500units every other day, before sleep, for total of 8 shots (20 000units)
—3 to 5 days after last HCG injection - start clomid with 100mg before sleep on day one, and then 50mg a day before sleep for next 10 to 20 days (never too long)
—stay on proviron 25mg/day a least for 1 week after discontinuation of clomid, and no longer than 4 weeks

For easier cases take upper protocol and cut Test time to 12 to 20 weeks, and You can also use less HCG during the preparation for 2500 shots EOD (500units instead of 1000)
and stay on proviron for only 10 to 14 days after going off of clomid.

I recommend to get prescription for all the pharmagrade things, dealers not always give You what You want, however if You have trusted source and/or cannot get prescription - it’s better than being Erectile Dysfunctioned forever.

If You have any questions write them down, I will answer as soon as possible, again I am no medical pro, I am just engineer so again: NO RESPONSIBILITY, all my knowledge in this field is based on medical publications and testing things on my own body, and how things worked for others.

Wish You all the best results.


why didn’t you try caber first? elevated prolactin is 90% of the time the cause of “Deca Dick”


My prolactin wasn’t high enough to be the main problem source, what I think was the problem in my case was DHT diplacement by DHN, also by going through this protocol I got rid of the problem for good while anything like caber or bromocriptine will give You rebound as long as deca metabolites are in your system, and they will be there for at least a year, this is treating symptoms without treating the cause :slight_smile:


good lord…

just don’t do some idiotic deca-only cycle in the first place.


Hi mick1783,

I’m a kind of newbie. I really will appreciate your help.

Last year I cycled 7 weeks with Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) and Sustanon. I took Proviron during cycle, and Nolvadex as PCT.

Two months later I short-cycled 4 weeks with Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Testosterone Enanthate. Also I took Proviron during cycle, and Nolvadex as PCT.

Everything fine after those two cycles.

After that, this year I cycled 8 weeks with Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone Cypionate. I took Proviron during cycle, and Nolvadex + Clomid as PCT. Also HCG 5000 units.

I started having very low libido and limp dick during the very last days of cycle. It has been more than 2 months since, and no improvement at all.

So, clearly I have deca-dick. I still don’t know what I did wrong, but now I just need to get rid of this horrible situation.

I sought medical help. According to my blood test, everything is pretty much withing the normal range (FSH, LH, Prolactin). Total Testosterone is kind of low, though still within the range (450 ng/dl).

My endocrinologist told me it is best to wait for HPTA axis to fix itself, and that it could take months.

I cannot afford waiting so much time. I did research on the Internet, and found your post as the only case of someone telling “I did recover by doing this…”.

So, these are questions:

Once you started the protocol, when did you start to feel your erections back to normal?

Did your libido and sex drive fully restore? I mean, are you OK now without any test injection?

Thank you.


The method described above is way way too complicated IMO. Bottom line is cruise on test and proviron and wait out the elevated DHN, and possibly prolactin, which can take a long time. Donating plasma can speed this up slightly, very slightly. I personally have moral reservations about doing that, but to each his own.

Once you’re done cruising for a few months to a year, run a normal PCT, preferably a long one. You should be using hCG the entire time while cruising, but not at 2500iu per dose as recommended. 750-1000iu per week is perfect.

If you have a night out with a lady and you really need to perform, keep some test suspension on hand, it will make your dick feel like it’s on fire. Try to pin some suspension as a preworkout and tell me you don’t have to go fire off some knuckle children before you can even walk out the door. This is related but anecdotal…I hear porn guys use a mix of test suspension and cialis or viagra. Just bear in mind that suspension greatly increases your risk of infection as compared to oil. You need to trust your source. A good alternative if you have more than a few hours lead time is prop. Prop and proviron stacked with basically any other DHT-based compound, and some cialis…deca dick or not you might try to rape a fence post.


Hi Juggs,

Thank you for your advise. I really appreciate that.

As I said in my previous post, I’m a newbie. I know I should, but I still don’t master the steroids lingo. So please bear with me if I make silly questions. In addition, I’m not a native English speaker, and I might easily get confused.

But first let me tell you that you got my point. I need to make my lady happy. That is my whole point here.

So, these are my questions:

  1. When you say “cruise on test”, do you mean cycle on test for a long time? Does it means also a low/moderate dosage?

  2. I’m not acquainted with test suspension. What are the benefits compared to oiled test? Is it a quick acting test? How quick does it react? Minutes, 1 hour, 1 day before action? (you know what I mean).

  3. I’m not sure to understand what you said about the alternative of using Prop+Proviron stacked with any other DHT-based compound. Isn’t Test Propionate a DHT-based compound itself? Why stacking it with another similar compound?

Thank you in advance for your patience.


I’ll try to answer your questions in the same order.

  1. Yes cruising means take a low dose of test for an extended period of time. 150-250mg per week would be a good dose.

  2. Test suspension or test base is just testosterone without a slow-acting ester, so as soon as your body absorbs it, it becomes active. That’s why I said if you take it as a preworkout, say an hour before, you might just find yourself too horny to go to the gym right away.

  3. Any test will do, but prop is fast acting, so if you perhaps wanted an extra boost for the weekend, you could pin some prop on a Thursday night or Friday morning. Proviron adds additional libido and well being. No, Test prop is not DHT-based. Proviron is. Actually proviron is just DHT that’s been methylated, which allows you to take it orally. Taking low dose test, proviron, AND another DHT-based compound might even be overkill, especially if you added cialis or viagra. I’d stick with test and proviron and go from there if you still need more help.


OK Juggs, I got it.
Thank you so much for your insights.

I think there is no test suspension available nearby where I live. However I think I’ll try with some test and proviron and see what happens.

What do you think of taking Nolvadex and/or Clomid while test cruising? Does it make sense? Or should I use them just for PCT?


No save those for PCT. But you will need to take a low dose of AI like arimidex, aromasin, or letrozole while cruising in order to keep estrogen under control.

When you’re done cruising take 20mg of Nolvadex every day for 8-10 weeks for PCT.


Unfortunate to hear people having this side. For me its the opposite. Deca is like SuperViagra for me. I have to watch my libido on it because I want to nail anything that walks in my view.


Yeah, I only ever take low doses, but deca and tren both make sex take over my every thought, to the point that my wife has noticed too.


Yes juggs my wife has noticed as well but she’s also noticed the huge accumulation of acne all over my chest and back. it started after I started using tren E… I like Tren because of the longer ester it carries, I’m also not too happy with testosterone cypionate because of the water tension I get from it. any advice on what I could take as a base that doesn’t make me break out and that I don’t get a fuckload of water tension?


Cheers Mick

Engineer to Engineer

Were did you get the specific Vitamin Protocols. What is the logic at high does? Renal stress?


BRO please help me… please please please please… i am very depressed due to limp dick for past 8 month… finally i found this i hope this solution will work… i need one clarification.