Deca-Dick - Need a Fix

I got this shit for 2.5 monhts my hormone panel is that:

FSH:2.33 mIU/mL ,in male;1.5-12.4 mIU/mL
LH:2.69 mIU/mL ,in male;1.7-8.6
ESTRADIOL(E2):30.09 pg/mL ,in male;7.63-42.6 pg/mL
PROLAKTÄ°N:6.14 ng/ml ,in male;4.04-15.2
TOTAL TESTESTERON:447.2 ng/dl,in male;270-1730
PROGESTERON:0.717 ng/ml, in male;0,27-0,90

I will go to doctor tomorrow again,i think E2 is so high and testosterone is low.This may be problem?