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Deca Dick and Other Questions

I’d first like to say I’ve started a lot of posts and hope that is okay. I’ve never had anyone to talk to about this stuff because I don’t have friends or even co workers who even lift, let alone know about these topics we discuss here. If it’s poor etiquette please, someone let me know.

My question is simple. Is Deca dick ONLY a side if your test dosage isn’t high enough?

I blast and cruise. Have for years. ONLY test. Used some eq once but that’s it. I’m ready to learn about other substances and what they can do for me.

I’d like to know some opinions on a good blast cycle for someone who is going to go back to 100mg/5 days cruise

I understand goals are what’s most important and what I’m NOT trying to do is become a mass monster. Ideally 195 lbs @ 8-9% bf. currently 199 lbs @ 15%ish bf. I’d say I need a good 10-12 lbs of muscle mass to be there.

Using a test base of say 500mg what compounds might I dabble with at what dosages? I don’t want to mess with orals. And ideally I’d like to just stop taking the compounds and just be back at a “trt” dosage.
I’d like to use just an effective amount to lessen sides.

I’m Thinking 200 deca w 600 test but do not know. Maybe I should just stick w test. That’s something I’d be okay with.

Thanks in advance for the help as I’ve already saved myself from messing with Tren from advice here.

@chris_colucci or mods (I know Chris has less time on weekends for this place), if you could move this to the pharma forum.

Besides it being in the wrong forum, it’s not poor etiquette. I don’t take gear, and if I did, the one steroid with the biggest reputation for murdering dicks would be the last one I’d take. Especially if I was AWARE that that steroid had the biggest reputation. But again, I don’t really know anything about this, so when this makes it over to the right forum, ask away. Maybe pop around the pharma forum in the meantime and use the search function to find deca dick threads so you can see how people literally lost their families and jobs due to major depression from having a dead dick. Good luck!


Isn’t this your first cycle? Bit premature to be worried about deca isn’t it?

I just finished a 14 week cycle of NPP (350 mg/wk) and Test (525 mg/wk). I have been off of the NPP for 20 days and off of the test for 9. NPP should’ve cleared out of my system by about 8 days after my last pin and I have had zero issues on or off of NPP with libido or ED. I still probably have about 8 more days before the test fully clears my system.

Everyone is different, and I think you see a lot more of “Hey my dick is dead from Nandrolone” threads on a forum than you would of “Hey my dick is fine after nandrolone” because if it goes well you don’t need to know how to fix anything, but it if goes poorly (i.e. deca dick) then you get desperate and start searching for answers as to why it broke and how to fix it.

That’s just my 2 cents. I am not saying there is zero risk involved because I actually had an AAS driven eye injury occur while on cycle and had to cut it a week short. I am actually coming off of everything cold turkey (no PCT due to eye injury), but still as of this morning was able to have fun with the wife with no problem. At the end of the day it is all about how much risk you are willing to take on for whatever reward you’re seeking. I personally feel with nandrolone or trenbolone the risks pretty much always outweigh the reward, but I chose to run it anyways and will likely run both of those in the future, but doing everything I can to mitigate said risk.


Refer to where I said I’ve been blasting and cruising for years.

My bad. Between the threads and questions you’ve asked I assumed you’d never done anything, should have read.

My other threads have all (where relevant) stated that I blast and cruise year round and have for years.

I would like to offer my second “my bad”. Let me know if you need any more.

Deca dick is caused because deca converts to DHN which is a much weaker hormone than DHT, which is hugely responsible for your erections. If you do not have enough DHT the weaker DHN will take over and give you a limp noodle. Run some proviron or Masteron along side your cycle. Test converts to DHT but it may or may not be enough for everyone.

How were your gains off the NPP?

Didn’t need one to begin with. Maybe if you actually read people’s posts before making an ass comment you wouldn’t need to say “my bad”.

This is true. My bad

Also, to show I do care an love you, I tried to help you with your source issues but the moderators deleted it.

Short answer: No. Or maybe yes.
Long answer: No. Or maybe yes, but with a ton more explanation.


They were excellent. I ran my calories at maintenance or MAYBE a little higher, and I went from 241 to 246 and went from 16% BF to 15% BF using the traditional bro science calculation method for BF%. I truly believe I added 8-9 lbs lean mass in 14 weeks. To be fair this was also my first ever run with nandrolone and would never expect to have that type of lean mass gain on any subsequent cycles.

The more I think about it the more I think it had to have been a little over maintenance because I had to eat lots more sugary foods than usual (relatively speaking “lots more”) to combat the shakes from low blood sugar.

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Ah… the age old what causes Deca Dick discussion.

  1. Some say it’s prolactin. Use caber they say. IMO rarely the cause and usual moderate doses of Nandrolone rarely cause prolactin to be exceedingly high

  2. Some say it’s DHN. Nandrolone causes displacement of DHT isn’t the penile tissue with DHN. Use higher test they say or masteron. IMO maybe or maybe partially.

  3. Some say it’s neurological. Nandrolone messes with your rewards pathways etc. It can cause a disconnected feeling from your libido and penile sensations. IMO highly likely a cause for most and possibly a mix with 2 above.

  4. Some says it’s your E2. Nandrolone aromatizes a fifth the rate of test. Some will overuse an AI not understanding their compounds. Tanking your E2 is crushing to libido. If this is your scenario it’s also a likely cause.

Summary… could be any or a combo of the above. Not to much effort in the scientific community diagnosing the causes since it’s a black market issue.

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I’m a strong believer it’s primarily the DHT issue. People get “deca dick” sometimes from just a few weeks into the first time they use deca or npp, is it really possible that your brain chemistry got such a rapid negative effect? I’m skeptical. Tren and deca definitely are neurotoxic and cause brain issues, but I would guess that they aren’t very acute. I think I remember you once saying that you enjoyed your first run of deca but then when you added it to your TRT it messed you up, so a combo of both things are definitely plausible. Maybe it also had to do with your age at the time you did both those runs

The DHT explanation makes sense, except we have clinical data (and a good meta analysis) that show a large percentage of men maintain all sexual functions without any DHT. So I read that and then I’m back to square one. I think it’s not the displacement of DHT that’s the cause but rather the insertion of DHN. In other words, if nand simply didn’t cause downstream DHN but simultaneously shut off all DHT you’d still be ok. That’s my working theory at least. So I go back to my original answer, which is basically shrugging shoulders emoji.

Then again you have guys that run deca only and are completely fine… AAS are a weird beast. If only we were allowed to do more research on them


That sounds like a wtf to me man. Thanks for all the help gentlemen. Steering me away from things I should not mess with. Thinking I’ll stay test only. Idk. I need to do more research as well.

Well my point wasn’t to scare you off but more to aid you in making an informed decision. If you know what you’re risking and take the plunge anyway thats a personal choice. Nandrolone is a fantastic mass building drug. At least now if try it you won’t come on here in two months and go ‘why did this happen?’.

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