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Deca di*k?

About 6 months a go I did a 4 week deca cycle at 400mgs the first 3 and 200 the fourth, I used clomid e.o.d. Now 6 months later my penis only gets about 3/4 erect its almost like the blood doesnt go all the way through and people tell me it is from the deca even thought I used clomid. What can i do? Would hcg help? How about androsol or tibex? I am only 22 years old.

The Deca cannot be to blame… it has possible adverse effect on sexual performance only while actually in the system.

Some people have noticed marked erection improvements with Tribex… others note an effect for a while, then back to baseline.
So it’s something worth trying – it’s luck
whether you’ll happen to be one of the ones
it especially benefits. I am not really sure
if Tribex simply increases likelihood/frequency of
getting an erection, or hardness when you
do have one. If it is only likelihood but
does nothing for hardness when you have one,
that doesn’t do you any good.

Robert Schuh,
who used to write for T-mag, had a lot of
problems in this area and found Tribex
to be great for him. So it may be worth a try.

Androsol is often very effective in improving
erections or at least the likelihood/frequency of them. However, if used continuously (every day) results return to baseline after a while. I theorize that if its use were saved for only when it was desired as a prosexual agent, then
it might be quite effective on a long term basis. Winstrol is I think even better though.

None of this will do you any good if the problem is vascular (having to do with the blood vessels.)

Another possibility is ephedrine… are you
taking ephedrine know? For some guys, it is
a real dick-killer due to its alpha agonist

You really should look into Viagra. Don’t
feel that the stuff is something to laugh
at – it’s one of the best recreational drugs
out there. Without it, I can keep up or beat virtually all 18 year olds I’m sure… with it,
I’m like a god. :slight_smile:

So it’s great stuff even if you have no problem.

The way it works is that the degree of
erection is controlled by level of cGMP
in the penis, which is controlled both
by the rate its produced and the rate it
is broken down. The nerves inducing erection
cause cGMP to be produced faster, but if its
also being broken down quickly then levels
don’t get as high as they should and the
erection will be poor. Viagra slows the breakdown of cGMP, and therefore the same “signal” from the nerves that would give you
a 3/4 erection without Viagra, will give you
a full erection with Viagra. This is true regardless of whether the situation is, 3/4 is the best you usually get, or because 3/4 is the best you would otherwise get after doing it several times and going several hours…

There’s a reason that this is a billion-dollar
drug and I assure you, it’s not because of 60 year old geezers having so much sex. When younger guys finally get it figured out that while having no erectile dysfunction this is still great stuff, this will probably be the biggest drug of all time.

In your case it is an obvious choice, you
really should try it. There are a lot of places on the Net, find one that allows you unlimited refills for a year after paying their ripoff “consultation” fee, and avoid those that allow only one refill before requiring another ripoff “consultation.”

Good luck!

While I’ve seen deca do this during a cycle, the fact that it’s still happening after six months is a concern. In addition to the products you mentioned, you might want to try yohimbine. Yohimbine is a vascodilator and acts as an aplha-blocking agent. So, it might help you get your wood back. If none of that works and your problem continues, go see a doctor.

yeah i was taking zenedrenes.what doses should the winni be?right now i have in possesion 100 oral,sust,testprop,and clomid i also have a bottle of androsol.and how much yohimbee?which company makes the best yohimbee product?thanx for your posts

In the interum you could try 10 grams of arginine, some yohimbine, with a stiff dose of ginko biloba, and some cholinergenic and dopamine/noradrenalin precursor like DMAE/tyrosine (I sugest Powerdrive on an empty stomach.)

I say don’t sweat it (in terms of long term effects). Deca is a long lasing steroid, so its side effects last and last. I know you want to restore hardness, though. I would certainly suggest Tribex or another good quality Tribulus product to help restore Testosterone production. My own Deca experience has also shown suppression to last longer than with other, shorter acting steroids. Also, 1 gram of Vitamin E a day will help. If those things don’t help, look into some herbal remedies for fast temporary relief. There are some good ones out there. Yohimbee turns me into blue steel. I could cut glass with my penis after a dose of good quality yohimbee. Also, it is good for burning fat and gives you plenty of energy.

Another thing you may want to consider is changing the enviromental factors of your sexual activities. Get a new Penthouse, that old is worn out-- Just kidding!. Screw in a new place, try some new positions, eat her out then put her on you pole. This will add a new excitment and help you get sexually motivated.

Lastly, I know its hard (no pun intended), but try not to think about the problem. Psychologically speaking it will only make the problem worse. Think of your self as the dick of death. Nothing kills my woody faster than thinking I have a problem performing for what ever reason. Confidence plays a big role in all things sexual. Work with your partner too. Letting her in on your weeknesses will make try harder to help you and also prevent her from feeling like she is no good, which will in turn kill her desire and make her feel inadaquate, resulting in less sexual activity for you. I hope this helps.

P.S… I just read the other posts which I should have done in the first place. This time I have to disaggree with Bill Roberts. While I generally concider him a guru, I disagree with Viagra. I thin you should try more natural methods first I have been where your at with Deca and D-bol. It does come back, trust me you are not permenately damaged. We have to access all factors in your life. For instance: are you on any Anti-depressants such as Prozac, Paxil (especially), or Zoloft? These drugs can affect sexual performace and libido. They can also enhance the effect of drugs that affect that part of you. If this is the case, I would recomend skippning a dose or two every week. You shouldn’t notice anything deppresion wise, but will help you recover your boner. Other things that come into play are drinking, drugs and smoking. While I am personally not against any of these things, they can play a negative role in boner behaviour, particularly (sp?)in the achievement and density of that boner. So if you are involved in such activities, knock it off until you can achive a boner with the consistancy of nickel fortified steel.

One future thing you want to concider concerining cycles is choice of Steroids. You may want to concider things like Primobolan and/or Winstrol in the future. While not as dramatically effective. They work well and will not affect your member. Plus you have a better chance of keeping you gains.

P.P.S. -> Please excuse any misspellings, that is my weakest gramatical point. I have an excuse though; I didn’t speak my first English word until I was five. So please forgive me.
Happy Boners!

I’m not on any kind of meds and dont really drink or smoke…pat, which company has a good yohimbee product?

Bruce, there are several good companies, but one I found paricularly good is a product, by Premier One. It’s called Raw Energy: YOHIMBEE. I don’t recomend taking this right before bed, unless you are going to screw all night long, the effects last quite a while. It’s also good for some kick ass work outs. I would recomend stopping by your local herb shoppe and asking the good folks who work there (don’t go to GNC, however, they just want to make a sale). I would recomend a dosage of 600 mg to 1000 mg.
By the way, you will sweat more on Yohimbee, so don’t be alarmed about this.
Good luck! I think you will find this problem will soon pass.
May you have a quality Stiffy!

Pat, since Viagra has no adverse side effects
for most individuals not having a heart condition, and it is likely to solve the
problem described, why are you opposed to it?

Also, in response to the several posts on
yohimbine HCl or “Yohimbee” herbal, this is
something that works for some people and is
useless for others. It is only useful if
excessive alpha agonist activity is interfering
with the erection, which is often not the cause. In other words, something to try, and
if it works, great… if not, well, try something else. And BTW, yohimbine is a much
more “serious” drug in terms of side effects than Viagra is!

Dear Bill,

I am not opposed to Viagra, I just think it is not needed yet. I certainly respect you and your vast knowlege, but I think trying to regain it naturally should be tried first. If in the event that more ‘natural’ methods do not work, than I would say Viagra should be next. I am convinced that his condition is temporary and a precription drug shuld not be necessay. I do believe in Viagra and the fact that it is safe, but I do not think a 22 yr old should have to take it. If a 22 yr old does indeed NEED to take it, I would suspect something more is going on. My opinion is that at the current moment, with out trying anything else first Viagra is like trying to kill a fly with a 12 gauge. In no way do I disrespect your point of view, I just think he should work up to it, thats all.

I respect your views, Pat, but I just don’t know what the “more natural” ways are that are of any efficacy. Yohimbine (regardless of being
sold as an herbal) is very much a drug with strong side effects, Androsol or other androgens may be “natural” but again have more side effects, and things like arginine don’t work.

Certainly if what you mean is, cutting out
stress, making sure to get adequate sleep
and good nutrition, stopping use of other
drugs that might be contributing to the problem, that kind of “natural approach”… then I agree with you completely.

Since it’s been 6 months since the Deca use,
waiting more time is not necessarily going to help – it’s a problem having nothing to do with the Deca. And if it’s a problem which would naturally reverse with time, it will still naturally reverse while using Viagra.

So, unless it’s a case of the stress, other
drugs interfering, etc., which I agree should
be dealt with by the “natural approach,” I don’t see why not to use Viagra unless it is simply too expensive, which could be a valid reason – it’s pricey stuff.

Bill, would a cycle of test,winnyand d-bol with clomids be ok?

Sure, Bruce, with the same benefits and
considerations that would be true for anyone
else. No problem with regard to erections,
and probably a help.

BTW, for many guys, moderate dose steroids (e.g. the 500 mg/week level) are more effective for libido enhancement than higher dosages.

Winstrol is in my opinion particularly beneficial, the best of the AAS for me personally, but there’s a lot of individual
variation there apparently because I’ve heard
quite a few different opinions on what is best.