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Deca Deca Deca What Shall I Do?


So guys as many of you know I’m a pretty big fan of eq. I run it in my cycles often. I have actually really never run deca and I’m curious if any of you have thoughts as to it being added to a 16 week blast of 600 mg t 600 mg eq and perhaps 300 mg deca. I might actually try dropping the eq and just running the deca since I haven’t ever really. @flipcollar what are your thoughts bro?


Do you have ancillaries on hand for if you experience prolactin related side effects? #caber


Yea man. I have run tren a ton of times and never have issues with anything related to prolactin; in fact, I basically never have issues with estrogen related sides. I usually run low dose tamoxifen on cycle and if anything else I just run low dose proviron.


Bromocriptine/parlodel might be nice to have on hand for prolactin if you don’t have cabergoline.


Yea I have a script for cabergoline in case :slight_smile: but I don’t use it. I don’t usually ever go out of range with estrogen or prolactin. I was more curious about adding in deca to an eq cycle.


I really liked deca the 2 times I used it. I ran it at like 400 the first time I ran it, and 600 the second time. I put it in the category of ‘feel good’ steroids. My body felt great while I was on it, strength gains were solid, appetite was good. It’s actually what I initially planned to run instead of EQ this cycle, but at the end of the day, I thought the conditioning benefits of EQ outweighed the joint/strength benefits I’ve gotten out of Deca. After this run, I can tell you my thoughts on comparing the 2, but that’ll be awhile before I can do it :slight_smile: I like it a hell of a lot more than tren, that’s for sure. Tren doesn’t do good things for my appetite, and I felt like the mental/emotional/etc side effects of deca were waaaay more manageable at a similar dose.


Awesome Thanks. Yea I might toss it in at 300 a week with my current t at 600 and eq at 600. Yea Man I love tren but sometimes the sides just wipe me. I can’t hold weight on it.


I have been thinking about trying this as well, I have a bottle of mix I want to try and deca is very curious to me


I have a good friend that is an Ironman/xterra competitor. He runs 200mg EQ year round with his TRT for the extra red blood cell oxygen benefits. He added 100mg Deca to his protocol awhile back and raves about it.


@hmcyl Wouldn’t running EQ year round drive his hematocrit up sky high to potentially dangerous levels?


Not at those dosages. I think he’d be totally fine.


I believe it is a little high but apparently that’s the idea. He says it helps with athletic performance. EQ is one of my favorite compounds. I have ran deca years ago when I used to cycle but never with EQ.


Agree. It me super underrated


Wanted to run the following cycle.
Age 30
7% bf
Max Squat 155kgs
Max dead 240kgs
Max bench 160kg
First cycle was 750mg sus 12 weeks

Test prop 100mgs 2ml eod
Nnp 100mgs 1.5ml eod
Camber 0.25 mg every 4 days
Hcg 150 ui EOD

Diet at moment is strict 50/35/15 2900 cals


Have you wrapped your eq run? How do you like it compared to deca?


it’s gonna be a long run, but still solid. I’ve still got 2 months to go!!!

actually added tren ace starting today, for the next 10 weeks, at 100mg eod. so that should be interesting.

Since I’ve been on EQ, I’ve continually gotten stronger without adding any fat. If anything, I’m leaner now, and heavier.


An AAS company should pay you to promote their products.


I would say fuck deca.

I am suffering from it sides from last one year with zero improvement.

Everyone reacts differently to it.

No amount of ancillaries will help and you will be fucked if you get decadick.

I have perfect blood levels but still suffering g