Deca, Dbol, Test E, and Proviron Cycle

Hi Everyone,

My next cycle is going to be Deca, Dbol, Test E, proviron. I have decided on Test E as its probably the easiest to do the test taper with than Sustanon as most of you have suggested. Thanks to the advice of you guys on here, I have also purchased some Cabergoline 20 x 1mg tabs…should arrive in 2 weeks or so. I also have the following on hand for PCT and to counter any gyno - Arimidex, Nolva, HCG.

Now, ive been trying to find the ideal duration for the cycle since ive read that deca only builds up stable blood levels around the 3rd to 5th week. I was actually planning an 8 week cycle but after reading this, it makes me wonder if I should not do a 12 week cycle?
Thoughts on this?

The cycle idea is as follows:
600mg Test E Weekly (2 shots - monday, thursday). Might consider frontloading (800mg first week).
400mg Deca
30mg Dbol for 4 to 5 weeks (taper 20,30,30,30,20)

Caber from 2nd week (im assuming 0.5mg twice a week since im 86kg)??
Proviron throughout?? ideal dosage?
HCG during the cycle or closer to the end
Clomid and test taper as part of pct. I will run test for an additional 2 weeks after last shot of Deca…then follow the taper protocol.

I will put a proper cycle together once I get clarity on the ideal duration. Purpose of cycle - lean bulking.

Im just waiting for my cholestrol levels to normalise before starting this cycle.

You can use the proviron 50-100mg a day. The caber question is tough to answer. Supposedly deca is a direct progestin agonist, the caber would limit the amount of natural prolactin created, but it’s not an antagonist. I prefer HCG during the last two weeks of the cycle. You could run it throughout the cycle, but the HPTA can start producing natural testosterone a few days after one hcg dose. It’s arguable it’d be preferable to maintain the hpta throughout the entire cycle.

You can do a test/masteron taper with hcg and clomid. Just remember the taper can be considered part of the on time.

ok cool. I have been told before not to use HCG for longer than 3 weeks since it could work against you. I was also told to do it at least a week before starting pct or during the cycle…but never while on pct. I think i would keep proviron to 50mg a day since im taking caber as well.

any idea whats the ideal duration for a deca cycle? since deca in some instances only starts showing stable blood levels around the 5th week. 8 week? 12 week?

How old are you?

31 years old

10 - 12% i would say. Didnt get much water retention with Dbol/Test E previously…mostly due to running a low dose of nolva a few weeks here and there during my previous cycle. Not sure if its a good idea to do that while on deca…might be overkill or perhaps only during the dbol part

ok ive read quite a few peoples experiences with deca cycles, both newbie and experienced users alike. It seems the trend is towards 12 to 16 weeks for deca especially for bulking. Naturally you will make some decent gains in 8 weeks but to maximise gains at least 12 weeks is recommended.

With that said, I am going to put together a 12 week cycle and post on here for crit, suggestions, and advice.

hi there

Ok so my cycle is going to look as follows. Please feel free to give me some advice/suggestions/optimisations:

Week 1 - 12: Test Enanthate @ 600mg per week (2 shots - monday, thursday)
Week 1 - 10: Deca (Deconate) @ 400mg per week (mixed with test shots - 200mg each)
Week 1 - 12: Proviron @ 50mg per day
Week 1 - 5: Dianabol @ 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 30 mg, 20mg
Week 1 - 12: Cabergoline @ 0.5 twice a week
Week 1 - 5: Nolvadex 20mg per day (just to decrease water retention while on dbol) - would armidex at 0.25
E3D be a better option?
Week 8: HCG (2000ius monday, 1000ius wednesday, 500ius friday)
Week 9: HCG (1000ius monday, 500ius wednesday, 500ius friday)
Week 10: HCG (250ius monday, 250ius wednesday, 250ius friday)
Week 13 - 18: Waiting period - TestE @ 100mg per week
Week 19: TestE @ 80mg per wee; start Clomid treatment (60mgs day 1 then 40mgs for 10 days, 20mgs for 10
days, 10mgs for 10 days)
week 20: TestE @ 60mg per week
week 21: TestE @ 50mg per week (should be off all AI’s/SERMS by then)
week 22: TestE @ 40mg per week
week 23: TestE @ 30mg per week
week 24: TestE @ 20mg per week

Milk Thistle throughout. Multivitamins, Vitamin B12,B6,B3, Good diet (high protein)


  • HCG only for 3 weeks, is that fine?
  • Will clomid for PCT be fine or should I also incorporate Nolva? …might be overkill.
  • When doing Test Taper can I do 1 shot per week since its Test E?
  • Should Caber only be run for the first 10 weeks or longer?
  • Am i using Proviron correctly?
  • Is armidex a better option than Nolva during Dbol part of cycle to reduce water retention?

Age: 31 years old
Weight: 86kg
Years training: 15
Previous cycle (Dbol, TestE, Winny, Clen)

Ive basically listed the whole cycle in detail. Please guys your input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im also currently on HGH but might take a week break to see if its affecting my stomach. But would like to still be on it while doing this cycle to maximise & retain gains.

Thanks in advance!