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Deca/Dbol/Sustanon Cycle


I would like to know if this is a good cycle. If not what can I do to fix it. Any suggestions

Week 1-7
Sustanon 200mg
Deca 250mg
Dbol 25mg/tab 2tabs/day

Week 8-10
Sustanon 200mg
Deca 250mg

Week 10-12
Clomid 1 tab/day

I also have Nolv on hand incase nipples start to burn


Fucking A bro. Does anyone do any research? Or do they just think it would be more productive to to post a shitty cycle, waste peoples time, and get flamed


Sorry, just a gut reaction. Let me see if I can help a bit.

First toss the sust. I don't like it, it is a blend of esters and there is no need for it. Use either enanthate or cyp (I prefer Enanthate, but that is a personal thing). Also, I really hate deca, I would rather see you use EQ, but some people like it, so to each his own.

If you insist on using deca, your deca dosage should never be higher than your test dosage, I would like to see a 2:1 Test to Deca ratio.

Also, don't run dbol for more than 4 weeks for a couple of reasons.
1) There is no reason to
2) It will wreck havoc on your liver

Before I recommend anything, what are your stats, goals, training experience, age, etc.


already told him... he does noy want to listen. I even sent him a book and he didn't even bother to read it.

His training and diet is so fucked up that he needs to get that sorted first before he even bothers to use any gear.