Deca/Dbol/Sustanon 250 Cycle

Hello I’m about to start a cycle wanted to get some input

Deca 400mg 1-12weeks (weekly)
Sustanon 250 375mg 1-14 weeks (weekly)
Dbol 40mg 1-8 weeks (20mg twice daily)

Input on what?


We would like some background information:

  1. Age
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Years training
  5. Approximate % body fat
  6. Some strength numbers, e.g., bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, number of pull-ups you an do, etc
  7. How many AAS cycles have you done
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You ever run Deca before? Using Deca as a base is fine until you realize your dick stopped working before the first week was up…

As others have alluded to, input on what, exactly?

About what?

Dosage time frame is sustanon is a good test base or if I should get straight up test e etc

My last BMI was like 2 years ago and it was 17
One time pr for lifts bench 315. Deadlift 475 squat 405 I can bust out 20 pull ups and an unknown amount of push ups and dips is about the same wa pull ups
First cycle

I would keep Deca at 200mg/wk
Also for a first cycle I would run Dianabol at 20mg/day

Disclaimer: all my dose recommendations are for pharmaceutical grade AAS.

Just the cycle in general if time frame looks goods and dosage

I wasn’t using deca as the base the sustanon was gonna be the base ands just input on the doses if I should us a straight up test e base

I wouldnt take 3 compounds at first because you wont know which one fucks you up if something does.
I also wouldnt take test lower or equal to 19 nors. I believe higher test prevents erectile problems associated with 19nors.
The dosages are ok…i would do a longer blast tho. If you do like 14 weeks total, test kicks in at around week 5, deca does midway of the cycle. You basically get like 5-7 weeks of growth and you wont gain much in such short period of time. Most weight gained will be water bloat. Actual tissue needs time to form. But thats just my beliefs - you can get your feet wet with what you have planned.

I however would probably start with just 500mgs of test, upping it to 750 at week 6, and to 1g at week 12, and then keep it there for 12 more weeks, if increased dosages dont fuck you up. Total of 24 weeks.

Okay so should I switch from the sustanon to normal test or is stick to the sustanon I know it’s heavily aromatizing but if I wanted 500mg of test from it I would need to take 750mg of it right? Bc 375mg of it is 250mg of actual test or am I wrong?

By blast you mean run test for 24 weeks? If you can would you outline the regimen you think would be the best?

No, If we were being precise, we would say 500 mg of test ester (whatever that ester is). You don’t need to compensate for the ester weight.

I’d just stick with sust if I was you, unless you have something like test e or c on hand. Some guys like it, some don’t. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker. Plenty run sust.

This comes down to how serious you are. @hankthetank89 is more hardcore than most. It will yield more gains with more cost / risk. The guys who are serious generally run high dose and often multiple compounds. Many run way more than you’d think for longer than you’d think. There are outliers though.

I don’t run this way. I’m smaller / weaker than I could be, but it’s where I’m okay with the risk / cost at this level. What you can do, if training, diet and sleep are on point with lots of drugs, is incredible though, if you do it for multiple years. For me, I didn’t want to have health complications (will likely happen if you do this long enough), and I didn’t want some of the cosmetic ones (hair loss).

For what it’s worth, I don’t have much hair loss. But genetically speaking my dad didn’t have much hair loss at 85 years old.

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Mine was just starting to show a bit of thinning on the crown at 34 with some aas use. Mines a bit thicker now with about 9 months of finasteride. Honestly, nobody would notice anything. I want to keep it that way.

no, it doesnt matter… test is test.

no… dont make it more complicated than it is… when people say 500mgs it means 500mgs of the stuff we are talking about.

you might be right but no one thinks that way… no one eats chicken thinking that he didnt eat a pound but only like 150g because muscle/chicken is 70% water and much less of an actual chicken…haha :smiley:

yea, if i was to run just test, i would use it longer and i would up the dosages to see how i react to test only… then when u know what dosages of test you can handle, you can add new drugs in the mix and see if its any better.

i used to have long hair also when i was 15… mine started to thin when i was 18, and i looked like shit by the time i was like 24.

If I did want to extend it would all the time frames pretty much just double? And doses go up say a 1.5-20 rate? How long could I run the dbol for before I have to worry about my liver? I’m going to be doing blood tests through out the cycle to be safe I already have some scheduled. My diet is on point my sleep is getting there and my training is intense

I think guys that start losing hair early have an uphill battle, and it may not be worth it. I think in your case with AAS use and not great hair genetics the choice to shave it probably made sense.

I think my hair genetics are actually above average. I haven’t been nice to the hair though. Now I am trying to be nice to it. Doesn’t mean no more blasts necessarily.

My second blast I started at 400 mg/wk. Did that for about 5 weeks didn’t have any sides, so I went up to 650 mg/wk.

I wouldn’t use for more than 6 weeks with Dbol. I haven’t actually ever taken Dbol. I have heard some say just take more Test and don’t bother with Dbol. Some seem to like it with Test though. I’ll say I like Tbol (kinda described as a weaker Dbol that doesn’t convert to estrogen) with Test. I’ve done that for 5 week periods.

If you plan on cycling off, I wouldn’t go 24 weeks. 16 weeks is enough to get pretty good gains IMO.

One last question should my diet change when cycling or if I’m bulking just a standard bulking diet?