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Deca D*ck (Share Your Experience)

Guys Basically!!

In my Life i’ve done 2 cycles

My 1st cycle was test E and Deca ran it for 8 weeks
Done my PCT everything was cool Then 6 months after my first cycle i decided to run another cycle, got in contact with this (pro bodybuilder) he had a Cycle plan for me and i was excited about it

The cycle consisted of
Test prop
Anadrol and proviron
it was a 10 weeks cycle, Started everything was good for a month then the Gyms closed because of covid so i did a month of Test E Twice a week then got back on the other stuff again which i think was a BIG mistake
(i’m going to be completely honest with you guys so i dont want anyone telling me that i Fucked up because i already know that)
Unfortunately before i’ve never heard of the term Deca Dick i was experiencing soft erection, i could get hard and libido was good but my erections weren’t like they used to be. at that time i thought it was just work stress ( as i have a stressful job)
Finished my cycle on the 4th of Jan 2 weeks later i started my Pct which consisted of HCG 10000iu 2500iu everyweek for 3 weeks nolvadex 40mg i started it with HcG and aromazin on the 3rd week of my pct
2 weeks into pct Mr johnson completely Died, i couldn’t get an erection, and when i get one it goes soft really fast within seconds as i just couldn’t keep my mind straight.

I started looking for answers and that was when i came across deca DICKKK
18th of Jan i started my pct
28th i was at the lowest (no libido, no sex drive, and abviously ED along with small tests and saggy/low hanging
6th of Feb went to a PED specialist ran some blood tests and They were in good range apart from ——//SHBG being a bit too high
////prolactin wasn’t high
/// test was good free test a bit low
Estrogen slightly raised
LH and FSH good

he advised drop all the pct stuff i’m taking and start another hcg treatment for few weeks which i started doing, it has been 3 weeks since my lab results and my hcg treatment but nothing has improved, as a matter of fact its just as bad, cant sleep and when i do i wakeup not feeling like i wanna get out of bed not feeling like i wanna talk to anyone just cant be bothered to do anything AT ALL emotionally flat and just not finding pleasure in anything at all, all of that is abviously causing a lot of mental stress thinking that this is permanent. also i’m taking cialis 5mg a day and its not doing anything, id be able to get an erection if i try hard but its not strong at all.

So since my test is good and prolactin is good and overall my labs are alright, what can i do now??

if anyone has experienced something similar PLEASE share it and let me know how’d u overcome this situation and how long did it take you to go back to (normal) i know normal is a big word but you know what i mean.

From the deca dick threads the consensus seems to be wait. How long? It’s individual. For some it is a couple weeks for others it is longer and sometimes over a year. Things will very likely improve over time. It’s a patience game it seems.

where are the people who had been through this, i really need to know what happened with you guys

Hit that magnifuying glass to the top right. A large number of posts like this that have been going for years, it’s already there for you.

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You added aromasin to your PCT. what dose? This might be your whole issue.