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I’m considering doing a cycle but have limited access to a wide variety of choices…What i can get is Deca and D-Bol and Clomid…What would be the best way to cycle these if any… Yes i have searched this site and gotten some good ideas but any other information would help.

I have started, today, using 50mg of D-bol a day and 400mg of Deca a week. I will be on the D-bol for 4 weeks and deca for 5 weeks. I am also taking 500mg of sustanon for 6 weeks, so I don’t know this is the best answer for you. I know the guy that set up my cycle is a big SOB, so I trust what he told me. I also know that you should not be on D-bol for more than 4-6 weeks from the research that I have done.


I’m assuming here that this is your first cycle?
If that’s the case i would take 200mg Deca every five days for 6 weeks and 30mg Dbol daily for 8 weeks. At the start of week 8 take 100mg Clomid daily, reducing that to 50mg per day for week 9. This should ensure that all gear is leaving the system on or around the same time and your HPTA restores itself so you minimise weight loss. As with all 17 Alpha alkylated orals you need to supplement with a good liver detoxifier like Liv 52 or Milk thistle. More importantly that any of this though you need to get your diet right, or it wont matter how you take your gear. Post up a response if you’d like more info.

Good Luck