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Deca/d-bol stack

To anybody that has tried this stack, how was your experience? I’m particularly concerned with hair loss, but I’d like any info you have concerning muscle and strength gains, side effects, etc. (P.S. Does anybody know if nandrolone protects the hairline with d-bol as it does with Testosterone?)

man, these messages get pushed out of the way really fast. anybody care to respond?

It’s been my and my friends’ experiences that dianabol causes more hair loss than any other drug. I don’t like it personally. There are much better and cheaper drugs you could add to the stack instead.

I have been on 50mg dbol/day, 400mg Deca/week, and 500mg of Sus for 4 weeks now. This is my last week on Dbol and deca, and I have 2 more weeks on Sus. Results so far… I look like a bloated goat, I am stronger than I have been in over 4 years, I am aggressive as shit, I get pissed off very easy, and I am starving 24/7. I started off weighing 260 and I am up to 290, yes ALOT is H2O, but oh well. No hair loss though, no tits, no itchy nipps, a little leaner looking in the mid section. Face is puffy as hell. Every one suspects I am on, but I tell them I have been on Androsol for 4 weeks straigt.

Such as what John U? If I can get ahold of some relatively cheap winny I’d use that instead, maybe Androsol on top both. How does that sound?

Test goes well with Deca but unless the side effects are dealt with by using other drugs it’s not really worth the effort. Of course Winstrol seems to work well in any stack. Androsol seemed to work better than the Dianabol when considering lean gains. This is not really a valid comparison but I gained more off the Androsol than one of my friends who was using 50mg of Dianabol per day by itself. He didn’t get his test in time so he decided to load up with Dianabol until it came. If I were you, I would use deca at 400mg/week and test at 600mg/week for ten weeks. Include Clomid and finasteride and you should be all right.

DO NOT USE FINASTERIDE, PROPECIA OR PROSCAR, WITH DECA!!! This will speed up your hairlose faster than any other drug.

I’ve heard the exact same thing John U, that you absolutely need propecia if you’re on test, but I’ve also read before that it completely fucks up the beneficial effects that Deca has on the hairline. So which is better? Deca and Test with proscar or Deca and Test alone?

Propecia + Test = Good;
Propecia + Other steroids besides deca = Doesn’t do anything;
Propecia + Deca = Best hair removal combo;
For Test and Deca the best hair protector would be an androgen receptor blocker. Perscription shampoos that contain spirolactine(sp?) and flutamide(sp?) will do this. They are easy to obtain over the internet.

Sure spironolactone, minoxidil, and the various other protectants would work too. I think the hair loss associated with deca and finasteride is blown way out of proportion. I have seen very little and WAY less in comparison to test with nothing. Unless your halfway bald, you have little to worry about. If you still are not sure try combining the finasteride with a spironolactone solution for the hair.

Hmm. That sounds good to me. I think I’ll try the Deca/Test combo with some hair protectants other than Proscar. I guess I’ll go with one of the shampoos. Can you find shampoos that contain both spiro and flutamide (whatever that is)? Is there anything else other than the shampoos I can use on the Deca/Test combo? Here’s the next logical question. What about the bloating? Problem or no? Apart from a couple of finasol cycles, this will be my first.

Sorry, one more q. Hya, what’s an androgen receptor blocker? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term before.

1)An androgen receptor blocker is, in this instance, a DHT antagonist. These shampoos with the drugs compete with DHT or any other androgen in the scalp, but they do not have any affect on the receptor. Hence androgen receptor blocker, its kind of like clomid for your hair.

2)I don’t think you can mix the drugs together into one shampoo, I think because of stability problems (not sure). Your best bet is to check out some hair sites on the net, for more information.

3)About bloating, you’ll most likely get some as a result of aromatization. If you took .5g of arimidex ed or eod you’ll have very little bloat.

What’s this “finasteride + deca is bad” stuff all about? Never heard that before. Had input from Bill R on the forum a while back about the use of finasteride with a cycle (Sus / Deca) and he never mentioned it. What’s the mechanism of action here then?

Perhaps, like John U said, this whole thing is blown out of porpotion. Although people who are genetically predisposed to balding should stay away from this combo. The reason why this is bad (don’t quote me on this) is because the enzyme needed to make deca good for your hair is eliminated by finasteride. From what I know deca, without being converted by an enzyme, is bad for your hair. Because it is a DHT antagonist, it will block DHT and promote hair loss via the deca. Although finasteride is good for Test, it is bad with deca.

The thing about deca causing hairloss should not be a problem because it is even less likely to cause it than the testosterone molecule itself. Finasteride will elimate the 5-alpha reductase enzyme from reducing the nandrolone. This is worse on the hairline because DHN would be better for it but it really should present no problem. I have not even heard of, let alone seen, anyone have any problems. The spironolactone should work well anyway and might even help if you use year round. DJ, if this is your first cycle I might add some finasol in, at least for the first few weeks. If your looking for the shampoos check the minoxidil website.