Deca/D-BOL/Proscar 1/4 tab

At 600mg of Deca a week…will that be a problem with Proscar(I’m using heavy “T” as a base) and the progesterone issue ? I’m already an asshole.

dude, you need help.

First of all I believe that Proscar is a waste. Once you finish with Proscar the effects will subside and you may even lose more hair when you do stop taking it. That stuff is highly overrated. If you are worried about hair loss with AAS, then do not even take AAS. Personally, I have never lost any hair while stacking D-Bol with other AAS compounds. Besides, hair loss is part of the game. Lastly, I would reevaluate your Deca dose. It’s a little on the high side. Maybe try just 200-400mg. How much D-bol are you going to take? For how long?

wk 1 600mg deca
wk 2 400mg
wk 3 200mg
wk 4 200mg
wk 5 200mg
wk 6 200mg

25mg of d-bol throughout the cycle.

Maybe drop the Deca to 200-400 throughout weeks 1-6. Start that D-bol at 40mg/day for weeks 1-4 and then 30,20mg/day for weeks 5 & 6. I am not a big fan of frontloading Deca. The D-bol should suit you fine until the Deca kicks in. Do you have your PCT protocol in order?

Where is your T base at in your cycle? What type?

Are you planning to take arimidex with this cycle? Unless you want some nipples that you can hang your caot hangers on, I suggest that you do.

Yeah, front loading Deca was a gamble, if it helps or not. I think I’ll take scorp’s advice and raise the D-bol to 40mg. The first few weeks and lower the Deca.

Test-400 Denkall. A literal pain in the ass ! for a couple days following injection. Too much alcohol needed for 400mg. worth of t- esters in the formula. I’m now going to mix the rest of the bottle with the deca to try and stop the discomfort. When T-400 runs out I’ll replace it Sus. 250mg. Yes I have my PCT in order. I’ve ordered Clomid,Noladex 20mg. to begin as soon as it gets here. I seem to have found a good source. THey just added a ton of “Power Animal products” to their line…does anyone have experience with them ?

i cant recall the exact science behind this. i have read where taking proscar with deca can actually make the problem worse! finasteride stops dht from making your hair fall out. deca causes hair loss through a different mechanism.

its kind of like trying to stop progesterone induced gyno with nolvadex.

P-Dog is right. I read this somewhere too, and for the life of me, I can’t remember where.

The science behind it is, nandrolone will undergo reduction in your system like any other drug by a specific enzyme (5-alpha reductase, I’m pretty sure). This is the same enzyme responsible for producing DHT from Testosterone. Except in this case, your end result is dihydronandrolone, not DHT. Finastride will stop DHT, not dihydronandrolone. I hope this helps.

Thanks. So I’ll pull the finasteride till the deca goes down to 200mg per wk.